Jun 2018 Won lab moves to BRIC, University of Copenhagen.

May 3-5 2018 KJ talked about RNA kinetics in the meeting of Diabetes Society in Korea.

Apr 25 2018 Byung-Guk, from Dongkuk University joined the lab for 3 weeks

Feb 21 2018 Hi-C study by Yong and Sajid received F1000Prime recommendation..

Feb 9 2018 Hi-C study by Sajid in collaboration with Lazar lab has been published in Science.

Feb 9 2018 Farewell to Jina. Jina goes back to Cha University

Feb 5 2018 David's Defiant is published online in BMC Bioinformatics.

Feb 1 23 2018 LSD1 study with Dr. Baek in Seould National University is published in Mol Cell.

Jan 11 2018 Jina Choi visits lab from Cha University

Jan 2018 "Transcriptomic analysis reveals novel mechanisms mediating islet dysfunction in the intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) rat" is published in Endocrinology. (Collaboration with Rebecca Simmons)

Jan 1 2018 Defiant (a DMR caller) by David is on GitHub

Nov 2017 David started his new job in Sanford Health as a Lead Computational Bioinformatics Analyst.

Sep 2017 Shibiao joined the lab. Welcome!!

Jul 2017 KJ and Diana Stanescu (CHOP) were awarded ITMAT's Pilot Grant program grant for Muturational Human Biology

Jun 2017 HDAC3 story is published in Nature.

Feb 2017 scRNAseq in mouse pancreatic progenitors is published in Physiological Genomics.

Sep 26, 2016 Supplementary to P30-AI-045008 is awarded from NIH/NIAID to KJ

Jan 2016 Junil joined the lab on Jan 2016. Welcome

Apr 9 2015 R01 grant (NIH/NIDDK) was awarded to KJ

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