Researching bacterial pathogenesis






Jun (Jay) Zhu, PhD.

Principal Investigator


Yitian Zhou

Ph.D Student


Jessie Valencia

Research Specialist


Yuning Wang

Postdoc Researcher


I-Ji Jung

Research Specialist


Betty Jiang

Visiting Student


Bei Li

Visiting Professor


Hyuntae Byun

Undergraduate student


Former Members:

Former graduate students


Andrew Stern

MD/PhD Student, now Fellow at Harvard Medical School


Ansel Hsiao

PhD Student, now Professor at University of Calnifornia, Riverside


Amanda Hay

PhD Student, now Medical Editor, Digitas Health LifeBrands


Amy Tsou

MD/PhD Student, now Fellow, Harvard Medical School


Greg Peterfreund

MD/PhD Student, now resident at Harvard Medical School



Former Postdoc Fellows

Zhi (Zane) Liu, PhD.

Research Associate, now Professor at Huazhong Science and Technology University


Elizabeth Shakhnovich

Postdoc Fellow, now Principal at Oliver Wyman


Jennifer Giel

Postdoc Fellow, now CEO at Sterling Biomedical Communications


Karl-Gustav Ruggeberg

Postdoc Fellow, now senior scientist at Cytosorbents Inc


Francesca Rothenbacher, PhD.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now senior Medical Editor at Tricore Interactive



Logan Nickels, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now Director of Operations and Programs at Male Contraceptive Initiative


Fiona Stirling, M.D./Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now Speciality Trainee in Paediatrics, NHS, UK

Menghua Yang, PhD.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now Professor at Zhejiang A&F University


Tao Cai, PhD.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now Professor at Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology


Yunduan (Wendy) Wang, PhD.

Post-doctoral Fellow, now program manager at Beijing Applied Biological Technologies



Former Research Specialist

Nawar Naseer

Research Specialist, now graduate student at UPenn


Owen Jensen

Research Specialist, now graduate student at University of Utah


Dave Katzianer

Research Specialist, now MD student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine


Rima Bishar

Research Specialist, now Resident at Lancaster General Health


Adam Joelsson

Research Specialist, now Director of Technology, Invisible Sentinel, Inc



Former Visiting Scholar

Hui Wang, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar, now Professor at Nanjing Agrcultural University


Nusrat Jabeen

Visiting Scholar, now Professor at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology, Pakistan


Yuning Wang

Visiting student, now senior scientist at Coyote Bioscience


Fenxia Fang, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar, now Professor at CDC, China


Xiaohong Sun, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar, now Professor at Shanghai Ocean University



Former Undergraduate Researcher


Rebecca Yee

Undergraduate Research Assistant, now graduate student at Johns Hopkins University


Fiona Desland

Undergraduate Research Assistant, now MD-PhD student at Mount Sinai


Alice Crane

Undergraduate Research Assistant, now Urology Resident at Cleveland Clinic


Cecilia Sun

Undergraduate Research Assistant, now MBA student at Wharton







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