Researching bacterial pathogenesis






Karl-Gustav Ruggeberg

Post-doctoral fellow

2002 - 2006, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Bates College

2006 - 2013, Ph.D. in Microbiology
Cornell University
Research Interests::


Toba, F. A., Thompson, M. G., Campbell, B. R., Junker, L. M., Rueggeberg, K. G. 
and Hay, A. G. (2011). “Role of DLP12 lysis genes in Escherichia coli biofilm formation.”  
Microbiology 157: 1640-1650. 

Rueggeberg, K. G., F. A. Toba, et al. (2013). “A Q-like transcription factor regulates  
biofilm development in Escherichia coli by controlling expression of the DLP12 lysis  
cassette.” Microbiology 159 (Pt 4): 691-700. 

Rueggeberg, K. G., et al (2013). “Characterizing the transcriptional regulation of the  
DLP12 lysis cassette.” Under review 

Rueggeberg, K. G., et al (2013). “GlcNAc-6P impacts curli expression by modulating  
NagC and altering H-NS levels in the DLP12 lysis cassette mutants.” Manuscript in  

Rueggeberg, K. G., et al (2013). “Impacts of Functional and Cryptic Prophage 
on Biofilm  Formation: A Review” Manuscript in Preparation 

Nazitto, R. A., K. G. Rueggeberg, et al (2013). “Regulation of curli expression in  
Escherichia coli by YieP, an uncharacterized GntR-like transcriptional regulator”  
Manuscript in Preparation