Accessing CEP PennPathways: If you are Penn faculty or staff on the Penn network, you can access searchable libraries of guidelines and decision support tools using the links below. If you are external to Penn and interested in learning more, please email

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PennPathways Libraries

The Center for Evidence-based Practice (CEP) offers a variety of decision support tools and services to meet the needs of its stakeholders.  In addition to the PennPathways and guideline development, the program also offers pathway implementation support, EMR decision support, and grant support.

  1. PennPathways: Evidence-based Algorithms and Guidelines library contains evidence-based clinical algorithms approved for use throughout Penn Medicine

  2. PennPathways: Reference & Patient Care Support Materials library contains documents needed to support patient care throughout Penn Medicine. Materials in this library are operations or patient support focused. Examples of documents include: Patient owned insulin pump flowsheet template and agreement forms and transport guidelines from environment services

Click here to view our PennPathways libraries

♦ Resources For When You're Ready to Design or Post Your PennPathway ♦



Best Practices for Pathway Design  Ensuring that all pathways have a consistent look and feel is important for user learnability, experience, and satisfaction. To learn more about best practices for designing a pathway or to see an example of a pathway within Dorsata, view our Best Practices for Pathway Design  checklist
PennPathways Posting Questionnaire  If you've already viewed our Best Practices for Pathway Design checklist and have your PennPathway ready to post, the next step is to complete our 10 Questions to Post a Pathway questionnaire 

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