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Matthew H. Levine, M.D., Ph.D.

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Surgery
Attending Surgeon, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Attending Surgeon, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Surgical Director and Primary Surgeon, Kidney Transplantation, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Surgical Co-Director for the Transplant Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Division of Transplant Surgery
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Ravdin Courtyard, Level 2
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-7367
Fax: 215-615-4900
B.S. (Biochemistry)
Brown University, Providence, RI , 1994.
Ph.D. (Immunobiology)
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 2001.
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 2001.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, 2001-2002.
Resident in Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, 2002-2006.
Fellowship, Abdominal Organ Transplantation, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, 2007-2008.
American Board of Surgery , 2006.
American Society of Transplant Surgeons - Liver Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation, 2009.
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Selected Publications

Cywes C, Banker A, Muñoz N, Levine M, Abu-Gazala S, Bittermann T, Abt P: The potential utilization of machine perfusion to increase transplantation of macrosteatotic livers. Transplantation May 21 2024 (Epub) Notes: doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000005057.

Concors SJ, Hernandez PT, O’Brien C, DePaolo J, Murken DR, Aufhauser DD, Wang Z, Xiong Y, Krumeich L, Ge G, Beier UH, Bhatti TR, Kozikowski AP, Avelar L, Kurz T, Hancock WW, Levine MH: Differential effects of HDAC6 inhibition versus knockout during hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury and the HDAC6 C-terminal zinc-finger ubiquitin-binding domain. Transplantation Apr. 30 2024 (Epub) Notes: doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000005042.

Tran BV, Moris D, Markovic D, Zaribafzadeh H, Henao R, Lai Q, Florman SS, Tabrizian P, Haydel B, Ruiz RM, Klintmalm GB, Lee DD, Taner CB, Hoteit M, Levine MH, Cillo U, Vitale A, Verna EC, Halazun KJ, Tevar AD, Humar A, Chapman WC, Vachharajani N, Aucejo F, Lerut J, Ciccarelli O, Nguyen MH, Melcher ML, Viveiros A, Schaefer B, Hoppe-Lotichius M, Mittler J, Nydam TL, Markmann JF, Rossi M, Mobley C, Ghobrial M, Langnas AN, Carney CA, Berumen J, Schnickel GT, Sudan DL, Hong JC, Rana A, Jones CM, Fishbein TM, Busuttil RW, Barbas AS, Agopian VG: Development and validation of a REcurrent Liver cAncer Prediction ScorE (RELAPSE) following liver transplantation in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: Analysis of the US Multicenter HCC Transplant Consortium Liver Transplantation 29(7): 683-697, July 1 2023 Notes: Epub Apr. 10, 2023.

Benson AB, D'Angelica MI, Abrams T, Abbott DE, Ahmed A, Anaya DA, Anders R, Are C, Bachini M, Binder D, Borad M, Bowlus C, Brown D, Burgoyne A, Castellanos J, Chahal P, Cloyd J, Covey AM, Glazer ES, Hawkins WG, Iyer R, Jacob R, Jennings L, Kelley RK, Kim R, Levine M, Palta M, Park JO, Raman S, Reddy S, Ronnekleiv-Kelly S, Sahai V, Singh G, Stein S, Turk A, Vauthey JN, Venook AP, Yopp A, McMillian N, Schonfeld R, Hochstetler C: NCCN Guidelines® Insights: Biliary Tract Cancers, Version 2.2023 Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network 21(7): 694-704, July 2023.

Potluri V, Naqvi F, Goldberg DS, Shah M, Loupy A, Abt P, Blumberg E, Trofe-Clark J, Bloom R, Sawinski D, Chattergoon M, Segev DL, Bair-Marcantoni N, Durand CM, Reddy R, Levine M, Brown N, Mapchan S, Aubert O, Desai N, Reese PP: Longer-term clinical outcomes from the THINKER and EXPANDER trials of transplantation of HCV-RNA+ donor kidneys into hepatitis C virus-negative recipients. Kidney International Reports 8(7): 1460-1463, Apr. 29 2023 Notes: eCollection July 2023.

Roll GR, Bray RA, Cooper M, Eagar TN, Gebel HM, Vranic GM, Hitchman KMK, Houp J, Kamoun M, Killian J, Kim J, Kumar V, Levine M, Lovasik BP, Lunow-Luke T, Parsons RF, Pattanayak V, Ranch D, Shah A, Stock PG, Timofeeva OA, Trofe-Clark J, Wongjirad C, Yeh H, Yi S, Rajalingam R: COVID-19 infection and vaccination rarely impact HLA antibody profile in waitlisted renal transplant candidates- a multicenter cohort. Human Immunology 84(4): 278-285, Apr. 2023 Notes: Epub Feb. 23, 2023.

Sonnenberg EM, Hsu JY, Cohen JB, Potluri VS, Geng Z, Levine MH, Abt PL, Reese PP: Acute kidney injury in deceased organ donors and kidney transplant outcomes: A national cohort study using a novel data source. Annals of Surgery 276(6): e982-e990, Dec. 1 2022 Notes: Epub Nov. 13, 2020.

Hernandez P, O'Brien C, Concors SJ, Wang Z, Ge G, Hancock WW, Levine MH: The selective estrogen receptor modulator, raloxifene, is protective against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury. Transplantation 106(11): 2166-2171, Nov. 1 2022 Notes: Epub Oct. 21, 2022.

Zhao K, Wang R, Kamoun M, Callans L, Bremner R, Rame E, McLean R, Cevasco M, Olthoff KM, Levine MH, Shaked A, Abt PL: Incidence of acute rejection and patient survival in combined heart-liver transplantation. Liver Transplantation 28(9): 1500-1508, Sept. 2022 Notes: Epub Apr. 19, 2022.

Siska PJ, Jiao J, Matos C, Singer K, Berger RS, Dettmer K, Oefner PJ, Cully MD, Wang Z, QuinnIII WJ, Oliff KN, Wilkins BJ, Christensen LM, Wang L, Hancock WW, Baur JA, Levine MH, Ugele I, Mayr R, Renner K, Zhou L, Kreutz M, Beier UH: Kynurenine induces T cell fat catabolism and has limited suppressive effects in vivo. EBioMedicine 74: 103734, Dec 2021 Notes: Epub Dec. 4, 2021.

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