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The Masters of Science Program in Health Policy Research

David T Grande

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
3641 Locust Walk
Colonial Penn Center 407
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-3804
Fax: 215-898-0229
BS (Biotechnology)
Rutgers University, 1995.
MD (Medicine)
Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1999.
MPA (Public Affairs)
Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs), 2005.
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Description of Research Expertise

Health Policy, Medical Professionalism, Influences of Marketing, Vulnerable Populations and Health Care Access, Urban Health

Selected Publications

Wong, MS, Grande, D, Mitra, N, Radhakrishnan, A, Branas, C, Ward, K, Pollack, CE: Racial differences in the validity of GIS-calculated travel time. Med Care 55(9): 817-822, September 2017.

Kangovi, S, Mitra, N, Grande, D, Huo, H, Smith, RA, Long, JA: Community health worker support for disadvantaged patients with multiple chronic diseases: A randomized clinical trial. Am J Public Health 107(10): 1660-67, Oct 2017.

Banerjee, R, Suarez, A, Kier, M, Honeywell, S, Feng, W, Mitra, N, Grande, D, Myers, J: If you book it, will they come? Attendance at postdischarge follow-up visits scheduled by inpatient providers J Hosp Med 12(8): 618-625, Aug 2017.

Seymour, J, Polsky, D, Brown, E, Barbu, C, Grande, D: The role of community health centers in reducing racial disparities in spatial access to primary care. J Prim Care Community Health 8(3): 147-152, July 2017.

Otsuka, S, Smith, J, Patterson, BJ, Kauffman, Y, Pontiggia, L, Honeywell, S, Day, S, Grande, D: Examining predictors of utilization of an interdisciplinary outpatient transitions of care service. J Pharm Health Serv Res Epub ahead of print, July 2017.

Pollack, CE, Armstrong, K, Mitra, N, Chen, X, Ward, KR, Radhakrishnan, A, Wong, MS, Bekelman, JE, Branas, CC, Rhodes, KV, Grande, D: A multidimensional view of racial differences in access to prostate cancer care. Cancer Epub ahead of print, July 2017.

Grande, D, Meisel, ZF, Merchant, RM, Seymour, J, Gollust, SE: Twitter accounts followed by Congressional health staff. Am J Manag Care 23(7): e238-e244, July 1 2017.

Watson, M, Grande, D, Radhakrishnan, A, Mitra, N, Ward, KR, Pollack, CE : Racial differences in prostate cancer treatment: the role of socioeconomic status Ethn Dis 27(3): 201-208, July 2017.

Jagsi, R, Griffith, KA, Sabolch, A, Jones, R, Spence, R, DeVries, R, Grande, D, Bradbury, A: Cancer patients' perspectives on the ethics of rapid learning health systems. J Clin Oncol 35(20): 2315-2323, July 2017.

Grande, D, Mitra, N, Shah, A, Wan, F, Asch, DA: Public preference about secondary uses of electronic health information. JAMA Intern Med 173(19): 1798-806, October 2013.

Grande, D, Gollust, SE, Pany, M, Seymour, J, Goss, A, Kilaru, A, Meisel, Z: Translating research For health policy: researchers’ perceptions and use of social media. Health Affairs 33(7): 1278-85, July 2014.

Grande, D, Mitra, N, Wan, F, Shah, A, Asch, DA: The importance of purpose: moving beyond consent in the societal use of personal health information. Ann Intern Med 161(12): 855-62, December 2014.

Manz, C, Ross, JS, Grande, D: Marketing to physicians in a digital world. N Engl J Med 371(20): 1857-9, November 2014.

Lorch, SA, Martin, AE, Ranada, R, Srinivas, SK, Grande, D : Lessons for providers and hospitals from Philadelphia's obstetric services closures and consolidations, 1997-2012. Health Affairs 33(12): 2162-9, December 2014.

Kangovi, S, Grande, D, Trinh-Shevrin, C: From rhetoric to reality — community health workers in post-reform U.S. health care. N Engl J Med 372(24): 2277-9, June 2015.

Grande, D, Asch, DA, Wan, F, Bradbury, A, Ragsi, R, Mitra, N : Are patients with cancer less willing to share their health information: privacy, sensitivity, and social purpose. J Oncol Pract 11(5): 378-83, September 2015.

Libert, T, Grande, D, Asch, DA: What web browsing reveals about your health. BMJ 351: h5974, November 2015.

Grande, D: Sticker shock – The experience of a health care consumer. Ann Fam Med 14(3): 270-2, June 2016.

Kangovi, S, Carter, T, Charles, D, Smith, RA, Glanz, K, Long, JA, Grande, D: Toward a scalable, patient-centered community health worker model: Adapting the IMPaCT intervention for use in the outpatient setting. Popul Health Manag 19(6): 380-88, Dec 2016.

Brown, EJ, Polsky, DE, Barbu, CM, Seymour, J, Grande, D: Racial disparities in geographic access to primary care in Philadelphia. Health Affairs 35(8): 1374-81, August 2016.

Pollack, CE, Ross, M, Armstrong, K, Branas, C, Rhodes, K, Bekelman, J, Wentz, A, Stillson, C, Radhakrishnana, A, Oyeniran, E, Grande, D: Using a mystery-caller approach to examine access to prostate cancer care in Pennsylvania. PLOS One 11(10): e0164411, October 2016.

Jiang, T, Stillson, CH, Pollack, CE, Crossette, L, Ross, M, Radhakrishnan, A, Grande, D: How patients with cancer choose specialists: A qualitative study of men with prostate cancer. J Am Board Fam Med 30(2): 220-229, March 2017.

Grande, D, Armstrong, K: Will physicians vote? Ann Intern Med 165(11): 814-815, November 2016.

Hom, JK, Wong, C, Stillson, C, Zha, J, Cannuscio, CC, Cahill, R, Grande, D: New Medicaid enrollees see health and social benefits in Pennsylvania’s expansion. Inquiry 53, October 2016 Notes: pii:0046958016671807.

Pollack, CE, Armstrong, K, Grande, D: A view from the front line - physicians' perspectives on ACA repeal. N Engl J Med 376(6): e8, February 2017.

Chaiyachati, K, Asch, DA, Grande, D: Patient inducements — high graft or high value? N Engl J Med 376: 1107-1109, March 2017.

Gollust, SE, Seymour, J, Pany, M, Goss, A, Meisel, ZF, Grande, D: Mutual distrust: Perspectives from researchers and policymakers on the research to policy gap in 2013 and recommendations for the future. Inquiry 54: 1-11, May 2017.

Hom, JK, Stillson, C, Rosin, R, Cahill, R, Kruger, E, Grande, D.: Effect of outreach messages on Medicaid enrollment. Am J Public Health 107(S1): S71-S73, June 2017.

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