George Cotsarelis

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Milton Bixler Hartzell Professor of Dermatology
Department: Dermatology
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1053 Biomedical Research Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.A. (Bio Basis of Behavior)
University of Pennsylvania, 1983.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania, 1987.
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Description of Research Expertise

stem cells
hair follicle
skin cancer

Description of Clinical Expertise


Selected Publications

Ito, M., Yang, Z., Andl, T., Cui, C., Kim, N., Millar, S.E. Cotsarelis, G. : Wnt-dependent de novo hair follicle regeneration in adult mouse skin after wounding. Nature 447: 316-321, 2007.

Garza, L.A., Yang, C.C., Zhao, T., Blatt, H.B., Lee, M., He, H., Stanton, D.C., Carrasco, L., Spiegel, J.H., Tobias, J.W,, Cotsarelis, G.: Bald scalp in men with androgenetic alopecia retains hair follicle stem cells but lacks CD200-rich and CD34-positive hair follicle progenitor cells. J Clin Invest 121(2): 613-622, February 2011.

*Ito, M., *Liu, Y., Yang, Z., Nguyen, J., Liang, F., Morris, R., Cotsarelis, G. *equal contributors: Stem cells in the hair follicle bulge contribute to wound repair but not to homeostasis of the epidermis. Nature Medicine 11: 1351-1354, 2005.

Fan, C., Luedtke, M.A., Prouty, S.M., Burrows, M., Kollias, N., Cotsarelis, G.: Characterization and quantification of wound-induced hair follicle neogenesis using in vivo confocal scanning laser microscopy. Skin Research and Technology 17(4): 387-97, November 2011.

*Morris, R., *Liu, Y., Marles, L., Yang, Z., Trempus, C., Li, S., Lin, J., Sawicki, J., Cotsarelis, G. *equal contributors: Capturing and profiling hair follicle stem cells. Nature Biotechnology 22: 411-417, 2004.

Trempus, C.S., Morris, R.J., Ehinger, M., Elmore, A., Bortner, C.D., Ito, M., Cotsarelis, G., Nijhof, J.G., Peckham, J., Flagler, N., Kissling, G., Humble, M.M., King, L.C., Adams, L.D., Desai, D., Amin, S., Tennant, R.W.: CD34 expression by hair follicle stem cells is required for skin tumor development in mice. Cancer Res 67: 4173-81, 2007.

Trempus, C.S., Dang, H., Humble, M.M., Wei, S.J., Gerdes, M.J., Morris, R.J., Bortner, C.D., Cotsarelis, G., Tennant, R.W. : Comprehensive Microarray Transcriptome Profiling of CD34-Enriched Mouse Keratinocyte Stem Cells. J Invest Dermatol 127: 2904-7, 2007.

Endo, M., Zoltick, P.W., Peranteau, W.H., Radu, A., Muvarak, N., Ito, M., Yang, Z., Cotsarelis, G., Flake, A.W. : Efficient in vivo targeting of epidermal stem cells by early gestational intraamniotic injection of lentiviral vector driven by the keratin 5 promoter. Mol Ther 16: 131-7, 2008.

Lyle, S., Christofidou-Solomidou, M., Liu, Y., Elder, D., Albelda, S., Cotsarelis, G. : The C8/144B monoclonal antibody recognizes cytokeratin 15 and defines the location of human hair follicle stem cells. J Cell Science 111: 3179-3188, 1998.

Kantor, J., Jay, L., Brooks, D., Cotsarelis, G.: Decreased Serum Ferritin is Associated with Alopecia in Women. J Invest Dermatol 121: 963-968, 2003.

Liu, Y., Lyle, S., Solky, B., Cotsarelis, G. : Keratin 15 promoter targets putative epithelial stem cells in the hair follicle bulge. J Invest Dermatol 121: 985-988, 2003.

Cotsarelis, G., Sun, T., Lavker, R. : Label-retaining cells reside in the bulge area of pilosebaceous unit: implications for follicular stem cells, hair cycle, and skin carcinogenesis. Cell 61: 1329-1337, 1990.

Cotsarelis, G., Cheng, S.-Z., Dong, G., Sun, T., Lavker, R.: Existence of slow-cycling limbal epithelial basal cells that can be preferentially stimulated to proliferate: implications on epithelial stem cells. Cell 57: 201-209, 1989.

Trempus, C., Morris, R., Bortner, C., Cotsarelis, G., Faircloth, R., Reece, J., Tennant, W. : Enrichment for living murine keratinocytes from the hair follicle bulge with the cell surface marker CD34. J Invest Dermatol 120: 501-511, 2003.

Xu, X., Lyle, S., Liu, Y., Solky, B., Cotsarelis, G.: Differential expression of cyclin D1 in the human hair follicle. Am J Pathol 163: 969-978, 2003.

Hanakawa, Y., Li, H., Lin, C., Stanley, J.R., Cotsarelis, G.: Desmogleins 1 and 3 in the companion layer anchor mouse anagen hair to the follicle. J Invest Dermatol 123(5): 817-822, December 2004.

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