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David Gregory Levine

Associate Professor of Clinical Large Animal Surgery, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Office: 610-925-6279
Fax: 610-925-6820
Lab: 610-925-6125
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2000.
Tufts University, 2004.
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Selected Publications

Levine DG, Richardson DW: Clinical use of the locking compression plate (LCP) in horses. Equine Veterinary Journal 35(9): 401-406, 2007.

Levine DG, Richardson DW, Ahern BA, Epstein KL: Efficacy of three tourniquets types for intravenous antimicrobial regional limb perfusion in standing horses. Veterinary Surgery 39: 1021-1024, 2010.

Wee J, Akins R, Mackinzie WG, Sliktar R, Levine DG, Richardson DW, Dodge GR, Rahman T: Development of a force-driven distractor for distraction osteogenesis. Journal of Medical Devices 5: 041004.1-041004.5, 2011.

Lorello O, Foster DL, Levine DG, Boyle A, Engiles J, Orsini JA: Clinical treatment and prognosis of equine odontoblastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis. Equine Veterinary Journal 30, December 2014.

Tomlinson JE, Johnson AL, Ross MW, Engiles JB, Levine DG, Wisner WA, Sweeney RA: Successful detection and removal of a functional parathyroid adenoma in a pony using technetium Tc 99m sestamibi scintigraphy. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 28: 687-692, 2014.

Rothaker C, Boyle AG, Levine DG: Autologous vaccination for the treatment of equine sarcoids: 18 cases (2009-2014) injection of sarcoid in equine. Canada Vet Journal 56(7): 709-714, 2015.

Jacobs CC, Levine DG, Richardson DW: Use of locking compression plates in ulnar fractures of 18 horses. Veterinary surgery 46(2): 242-248, Feb 2017.

Brown K, Davidson E, Ortved K, Ross MW, Stefanovski D, Wulster KB, Levine DG: Long-term outcome in horses undergoing interspinous ligament desmotomy for overriding dorsal spinous processes. Vet Surg 49: 3, 2020.

Crandall A, Grove A, Hopster K, Levine DG: Intra-testicular mepivicaine versus lidocaine in anaesthetized horses undergoing Henderson castration. Equine Vet. J 00: 1-6, 2020.

Gaesser A, Varner K, Douglas H, Barr C, Hopster K, Levine DG: The effects of intra articular mepivicaine administration prior to carpal arthroscopy on anesthesia management and recovery characteristics in horses. Vet Surg 2020.

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