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Karin Ulrikke Sorenmo

Professor, Oncology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

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3900 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-4680
Fax: (215) 573-6049

Ytre Namdal videregaende skole (High School), 1976.

Mare Agricultural School, 1977.

The Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway, 1983.
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Description of Research Expertise

Karin Sorenmo: Research interest and clinical skills: As a practicing veterinary oncologist my research interests span across a relatively wide range of cancers, both in dogs and cats, for which there is currently insufficient understanding of the biological behavior and/or inadequate treatments available. The focus of my clinical research and publications so far include characterization of mammary and prostatic cancers and these tumors’ hormonal association, canine hemangiosarcoma; and more lately I have focused on immunotherapy and how to utilize cancer vaccines in animals with naturally occurring tumors. Spontaneous diseases including cancer in dogs and cats are unique resources in cancer research and can be utilized to study cancer biology and the response to novel therapies in natural, immuno-competent, realistic and relevant tumor models. Such research provides our veterinary patients access to new and potentially effective treatments while providing human cancer research reliable information for their patients. The oncology section in currently actively engaged is several of these types of collaborative trials both with colleagues at the medical school as well as other academic institutions.

Selected Publications

Gillem Julie Marie, Sullivan Louise, Sorenmo Karin U: Diagnosis and Multimodal Treatment of Metastatic Maxillofacial Juvenile Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma in a Young Golden Retriever. [PMID 30040001] Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 54(5): e54505, Sep/Oct 2018.

Evans B J, O'Brien D, Allstadt S D, Gregor T P, Sorenmo K U: Treatment outcomes and prognostic factors of feline splenic mast cell tumors: A multi-institutional retrospective study of 64 cases. [PMID 28168776] Veterinary and comparative oncology 16(1): 20-27, Mar 2018.

Raposo-Ferreira Talita M M, Brisson Becky K, Durham Amy C, Laufer-Amorim Renee, Kristiansen Veronica, Puré Ellen, Volk Susan W, Sorenmo Karin: Characteristics of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Primary and Paired Metastatic Canine Mammary Carcinomas. [PMID 29788797] Veterinary pathology 55(5): 622-633, 09 2018.

Krick Erika Lauren, Kiupel Matti, Durham Amy C, Thaiwong Tuddow, Brown Dorothy C, Sorenmo Karin U: Investigating Associations Between Proliferation Indices, C-kit, and Lymph Node Stage in Canine Mast Cell Tumors. [PMID 28792799] Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 53(5): 258-264, Sep/Oct 2017.

Case Ashley, Brisson Becky K, Durham Amy C, Rosen Suzanne, Monslow James, Buza Elizabeth, Salah Pascale, Gillem Julie, Ruthel Gordon, Veluvolu Sridhar, Kristiansen Veronica, Puré Ellen, Brown Dorothy C, Sørenmo Karin U, Volk Susan W: Identification of prognostic collagen signatures and potential therapeutic stromal targets in canine mammary gland carcinoma.[PMID 28683102] PloS one 12(7): e0180448, 2017.

Kristiansen V M, Peña L, Díez Córdova L, Illera J C, Skjerve E, Breen A M, Cofone M A, Langeland M, Teige J, Goldschmidt M, Sørenmo K U: Effect of Ovariohysterectomy at the Time of Tumor Removal in Dogs with Mammary Carcinomas: A Randomized Controlled Trial. [PMID 26687731] Journal of veterinary internal medicine 30(1): 230-41, Jan-Feb 2016.

Culp W T N, Weisse C, Berent A C, Reetz J A, Krick E L, Jackson D E, Kass P H, Clifford C A, Sorenmo K U: Early tumor response to intraarterial or intravenous administration of carboplatin to treat naturally occurring lower urinary tract carcinoma in dogs. [PMID 25900646] Journal of veterinary internal medicine 29(3): 900-7, May-Jun 2015.

Donnelly L, Mullin C, Balko J, Goldschmidt M, Krick E, Hume C, Brown D C, Sorenmo K: Evaluation of histological grade and histologically tumour-free margins as predictors of local recurrence in completely excised canine mast cell tumours. [PMID 23451809] Veterinary and comparative oncology 13(1): 70-6, Mar 2015.

Gaeta R, Brown D, Cohen R, Sorenmo K: Risk factors for development of sterile haemorrhagic cystitis in canine lymphoma patients receiving oral cyclophosphamide: a case-control study. [PMID 23078083] Veterinary and comparative oncology 12(4): 277-86, Dec 2014.

Sorenmo KU, Shofer FS, and Goldschmidt M. : Survival in dogs with malignant mammary gland epithelial tumors, effect of spaying and timing of spaying. [PMID 10830539] J Vet Intern Med 14: 266-270, 2000.

Clifford CA, Hughes D, Beal M, Mackin A, Henry CJ, Shofer FS, and Sorenmo KU.* : Plasma vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels in normal dogs and dogs with hemangiosarcoma. J Vet Intern Med 15: 131-135, 2001.

Sorenmo KU, Goldschmidt MH Shofer FS, Goldkamp C, Ferracone J. : Evaluation of COX-I and II expression and the effect of cyclooxygenase inhibitiors in canine prostate cancer. Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 2(1): 13-23, 2004.

Clifford CA, Pretorius SE,, Weisse C, Sorenmo KU, Drobatz, KJ, Siegelman, ES, Solomon JA. : Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Canine Focal Splenic and Hepatic Lesions. [PMID 15188820] J Vet Intern Med 18(3): 330-338, 2004.

Michel KE, Sorenmo KU, Shofer FS.: Evaluation of dogs presenting to a Veterinary Oncology service for indications of Cancer Cachexia Syndrome. J Vet Intern Med 18: 692-695, 2004.

Skorupski K, Overley B, Shofer FS, Goldschmidt MH, Miller CA, and Sorenmo KU.* : Clinical Characteristics of Mammary Carcinoma in the Male Feline. [PMID 15715048] J Vet Intern Med Page: 52-55, 2005.

Overley B, Shofer, FS, Goldschmidt MG, Sherer D, Haney S, Sorenmo KU.* : Association between Ovariohysterectomy (OHE) and Feline Mammary Carcinoma. J Vet Intern Med 19: 560-563, 2005.

Katherine A. Skorupski KA, Durham AC, Duda L, Sørenmo KU.* : Pulmonary fibrosis after high cumulative dose nitrosourea chemotherapy in a cat. [PMID 19178671] Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 6(2)(2): 120-5, Jun 2008.

Sorenmo KU, Samluk M, Clifford C, Baez J,. Barrett J, Poppenga R, Overley B, Skorupski K, Oberthaler K, Van Winkle T, Seiler G, Shofer S. : Clinical and pharmacokinetic characteristics of intracavitary administration of pegylated liposomal encapsulated doxorubicin in dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma. [PMID 18196746] J Vet Intern Med 21: 1347-1354, 2007.

Sorenmo K, LaBlanc A, Krick E, Overley B, Colligon T, Shofer F, Coughlin C, Mason N, Vonderheide R.: CD40 activated B (CD40-B) cells loaded with autologous tumor RNA as a novel antigen-presenting cell vaccine for cainine lymphoma. 28th Annual Conference of the Veterinary Cancer Society Seattle Washington October 2008.

Oberthaler KT, Mauldin E, McManus PM, Shofer FS, Sorenmo KU*: Rescue therapy with doxorubicin-based chemotherapy for relapsing or refractory feline lymphoma: a retrospective study of 23 cases. [PMID 18974017] J Feline Med Surg. 11(4)(4): 259-65 Apr 2009.

McNeill CJ, Sorenmo KU, Shofer FS, Gibeon L, Durham AC, Barber LG, Baez JL, Overley B.: Evalaution of adjuvant doxorubicin-based chemotherapy for the treatment of feline mammary carcinoma. [PMID 19175730] J Vet Internal Medicine 23(1): 123-9, 2009.

Paolini M, Tandle A, Mazcko C, Hanna E, Kachala S, LeBlanc A, Newman S, Vail D, Henry C, Thamm D, Sorenmo K, Hajitou A, Pasqualini R, Arap W, Khanna C, Libutti S.: Launching a novel preclinical infrastructure: Comparative oncology trials consortium directed therapeutic targeting of TNF alpha to cancer vasculature. [PMID 19330034] PLoS ONE 4(3): e4972, 2009.

Sorenmo KU, Kristiansen V, Cofone MA, Shofer FS, Breen AM, Langeland M, Mongil CM, Grondahl AM, Teige J, Goldschmidt MH.: Canine mammary gland tumors; a histological continuum from benign to malignant; clinical and histopathological evidence E.pub 2009 DOI: 10.1111/j.1476-5829 [PMID 19691645] Veterinary and Comparative Oncology DOI: 10.1111/j.1476-5829, April 2009.

Krick E, Billings AP, Shofer FS, Watanabe S, Sorenmo KU*: Cytological lymph node evaluation in dogs with mast cell tumors: association with grade and survival. [PMID 19453367] Veterinary and Comparative Oncology. 7(2): 130-8 Jun 2009

Sorenmo KU, Harwood LP, King LG, Drobatz KJ.: Risk factors for developing sepsis (neutropenia and fever) in dogs undergoing chemotherapy; a retrospective case-control study, [PMID 19691645] JAVMA 2009.

Clendaniel Daphne C, Sivacolundhu Ramesh K, Sorenmo Karin U, Donovan Taryn A, Turner Avenelle, Arteaga Theresa, Bergman Philip J: Association between macroscopic appearance of liver lesions and liver histology in dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma: 79 cases (2004-2009). [PMID 25001171] Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 50(4): e6-10, Jul-Aug 2014.

Kristiansen V M, Nødtvedt A, Breen A M, Langeland M, Teige J, Goldschmidt M, Jonasdottir T J, Grotmol T, Sørenmo K: Effect of ovariohysterectomy at the time of tumor removal in dogs with benign mammary tumors and hyperplastic lesions: a randomized controlled clinical trial. [PMID 23701181] Journal of veterinary internal medicine 27(4): 935-42, Jul-Aug 2013.

Krick E L, Cohen R B, Gregor T P, Salah P C, Sorenmo K U: Prospective clinical trial to compare vincristine and vinblastine in a COP-based protocol for lymphoma in cats.[PMID 23157371] Journal of veterinary internal medicine 27(1): 134-40, Jan-Feb 2013.

Britton B M, Kelleher M E, Gregor T P, Sorenmo K U: Evaluation of factors associated with prolonged hospital stay and outcome of febrile neutropenic patients receiving chemotherapy: 70 cases (1997-2010). [PMID 22998454] Veterinary and comparative oncology 12(4): 266-76, Dec 2014.

Flood-Knapik K E, Durham A C, Gregor T P, Sánchez M D, Durney M E, Sorenmo K U: Clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical characterization of canine indolent lymphoma. [PMID 22296667] Veterinary and comparative oncology 11(4): 272-86, Dec 2013.

Krick Erika L, Sorenmo Karin U, Rankin Shelley C, Cheong Ian, Kobrin Barry, Thornton Katherine, Kinzler Kenneth W, Vogelstein Bert, Zhou Shibin, Diaz Luis A: Evaluation of Clostridium novyi-NT spores in dogs with naturally occurring tumors. [PMID 22204296] American journal of veterinary research 73(1): 112-8, Jan 2012.

Krick Erika L, Moore Reneé H, Cohen Rachel B, Sorenmo Karin U: Prognostic significance of weight changes during treatment of feline lymphoma. [PMID 22078484] Journal of feline medicine and surgery 13(12): 976-83, Dec 2011.

Sorenmo Karin U, Krick Erika, Coughlin Christina M, Overley Beth, Gregor Thomas P, Vonderheide Robert H, Mason Nicola J: CD40-activated B cell cancer vaccine improves second clinical remission and survival in privately owned dogs with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. [PMID 21904611] PloS one 6(8): e24167, 2011.

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