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Madhura A. Tamhankar, MD

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Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Surgeon, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Attending Surgeon, Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Department: Ophthalmology

Contact information
Scheie Eye Institute
Department of Ophthalmology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
University Hospital, Bombay, India, 1993.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in Medicine, University Hospital, Bombay, Indian, 1993-1994.
Residency in Ophthalmology, University Hospital, Bombay, India, 1994-1997.
Research Fellowship in Glaucoma, Wills Eye Hospital, 1998-2000.
Internship in Preliminary Surgery, Yale University, St. Mary's Hospital, 2000-2001.
Fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology, Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania, 2002-2003.
Residency in Ophthalmology, Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania, 2004-2007.
North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, 2003.
American Board of Ophthalmology, 2009.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Neuro-ophthalmology, strabismus, orbital disorder, thyroid eye disease

Key Words: Optic nerve diseases, Double vision, Strabismus Surgery, Blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm, Giant Cell Arteritis, Optic Neuritis, Orbital Inflammation, Multiple sclerosis, Myasthenia gravis, Pupillary abnormalities, Thyroid ophthalmology, Brain tumors that affect vision, Problems in the movement of the eyes, Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (AKA pseudotumour cerebri, Stroke affecting vision, Traumatic brain injuries, Various other problems presenting in neuro-ophthalmology

Selected Publications

Neena Cherayil Md, Madhura Tamhankar MD: Prism Therapy General Principles Book: Strabismus and Amblyopia: Scientific basis and Clinical Management. McGraw Hill, 2021.

Keirnan Willett, MD, Antoine Sreih, MD, Rennie Rhee, MD, Vivian Lee, MD, Brady Kwong, BA,and Madhura A. Tamhankar, MD: Giant Cell Arteritis Associated With Multiple Cranial Neuropathies. Journal of Clinical Rheumatology February 2021.

Jivraj Imran,Alfaro Cesar, Pistilli Maxwell, Kohli Anita, Liu Grant, Shindler Kenneth S. Avery, Robert A. Garvin Mona, Jul Kai. Althekair Faisal. Ross Ahmara and Tamhankar Madhura : Utility of spectral domain optical coherence tomography in differentiating papilledema from pseudopapilledema: a prospective longitudinal study Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology December 2021.

Ross AG(1), Jivraj I, Rodriguez G, Pistilli M, Chen JJ, Sergott RC, Moster M, Sheldon CA, Liu GT, Foroozan R, Ko MW, Francis CE, Williams ZR, Lee AG, McClelland CM, Shindler KS, Yalamanchili S, Osborne B, Hedges TR 3rd, Van Stavern GP, Puckett E, Rigi M, García-Basterra I, Tamhankar MA. : Retrospective, Multicenter Comparison of the Clinical Presentation of Patients Presenting With Diplopia From Giant Cell Arteritis vs Other Causes. Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology 2018.

Tamhankar Madhura A, Volpe Nicholas J: Management of acute cranial nerve 3, 4 and 6 palsies: role of neuroimaging. Current opinion in ophthalmology 26(6): 464-8, Nov 2015.

Robert M. Mallery, MD Obeidurahman F. Rehmani, MD John H. Woo, MD Yin Jie Chen, MD Sudama Reddi, MD Karen L. Salzman, MD Marco C. Pinho, MD Luke Ledbetter, MD Madhura A. Tamhankar, MD Kenneth S. Shindler, MD Kathleen B. Digre, MD Deborah I. Friedman, MD, MPH Grant T. Liu, MD: Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features for Improving the Diagnosis of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Without Papilledema. Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology 2019.

Tamhankar MA, Ying GS, Volpe NJ: Prisms are effective in resolving diplopia from incomitant, large, and combined strabismus. Eur J Ophthalmol 22(6): 890-7, Mar 2012.

Kasi S, Volpe NJ, Pistilli M, Tamhankar MA: Effectiveness of Medial Rectus Advancement Alone or in Combination with Resection or Lateral Rectus Recession in the Management of Consecutive Exotropia. JAAPOS 17(5): 465-470, Oct 2013.

Eftekhari K, McClelland CM, Gausas RE, Jian B, Woo J, Volpe NJ, Tamhankar MA: A case of extraocular muscle enlargement causing diplopia: thinking beyond thyroid eye disease. J Neuroophthalmol 33(2): 179-82, Jun 2013.

Tamhankar MA, Biousse V, Ying G, Prasad S, Subramanian PS, Lee MS, Eggenberger E, Moss HE, Pineles S, Bennett J, Osborne B, Volpe NJ, Liu GT, Bruce BB, Newman NJ, Galetta SL, Balcer LJ: Isolated Third, Fourth, and Sixth Cranial Nerve Palsies from Presumed Microvascular versus Other Causes: A Prospective Study. Ophthalmol 120(11): 2264-9, Nov 2013.

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