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Jeremy Binder Katzen, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Program Director for Research, PACCM Fellowship program, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Edward J Stemmler Hall Suite 216
3450 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6118
Bowdoin College, 2004.
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 2011.
Post-Graduate Training
Resident, Internal Medicine, Northwestern University , 2011-2014.
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, 2014-2015.
Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine , University of Pennsylvania, 2015-2018.
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2019-2020.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, 2014.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, 2017.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, 2019.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Interstitial Lung Disease
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Genetic Interstitial Lung Disease

Description of Research Expertise

Lung Epithelial Biology
Lung Development
Surfactant Biology
Cell Stress
Lung Fibrosis

Selected Publications

Shiraishi K, Shah PP, Morley MP, Loebel C, Santini GT, Katzen J, Basil MC, Lin SM, Planer JD, Cantu E, Jones DL, Nottingham AN, Li S, Cardenas-Diaz FL, Zhou S, Burdick JA, Jain R, Morrisey EE.: Biophysical forces mediated by respiration maintain lung alveolar epithelial cell fate. Cell Feb 2023.

Rodriguez L, Tomer Y, Carson P, Dimopoulos T, Zhao M, Chavez K, Iyer S, Huang L, Ebert C, Sereda L, Murthy A, Trujillo G, Beers MF, Katzen J.: Chronic Expression of a Clinical SFTPC Mutation Causes Murine Lung Fibrosis with IPF Features. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol Dec 2022.

Katzen J, Rodriguez L, Tomer Y, Babu A, Zhao M, Murthy A, Carson P, Barrett M, Basil MC, Carl J, Leach JP, Morley M, McGraw MD, Mulugeta S, Pelura T, Rosen G, Morrisey EE, Beers MF.: Disruption of proteostasis causes IRE1 mediated reprogramming of alveolar epithelial cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 119: e2123187119, Oct 2022.

Crnkovic S, Valzano F, Flie├čer E, Gindlhuber J, Thekkekara Puthenparampil H, Basil MC, Morley MP, Katzen J, Gschwandtner E, Klepetko W, Cantu E, Wolinski H, Olschewski H, Lindenmann J, Zhao YY, Morrisey EE, Marsh LM, Kwapiszewska G.: Single cell transcriptomics reveals skewed cellular communication and phenotypic shift in pulmonary artery remodeling. JCI Insight Sep 2022.

Loebel C, Weiner AI, Eiken MK, Katzen JB, Morley MP, Bala V, Cardenas-Diaz FL, Davidson MD, Shiraishi K, Basil MC, Ferguson LT, Spence JR, Ochs M, Beers MF, Morrisey EE, Vaughan AE, Burdick JA.: Microstructured Hydrogels to Guide Self-Assembly and Function of Lung Alveolospheres. Adv Mater 34(28): e2202992, Jul 2022.

Ferguson LT, Hood ED, Shuvaeva T, Shuvaev VV, Basil MC, Wang Z, Nong J, Ma X, Wu J, Myerson JW, Marcos-Contreras OA, Katzen J, Carl JM, Morrisey EE, Cantu E, Villa CH, Mitragotri S, Muzykantov VR, Brenner JS.: Dual Affinity to RBCs and Target Cells (DART) Enhances Both Organ- and Cell Type-Targeting of Intravascular Nanocarriers. ACS Nano 16: 4666-4683, Mar 2022.

Basil MC, Cardenas-Diaz FL, Kathiriya JJ, Morley MP, Carl J, Brumwell AN, Katzen J, Slovik KJ, Babu A, Zhou S, Kremp MM, McCauley KB, Li S, Planer JD, Hussain SS, Liu X, Windmueller R, Ying Y, Stewart KM, Oyster M, Christie JD, Diamond JM, Engelhardt JF, Cantu E, Rowe SM, Kotton DN, Chapman HA, Morrisey EE.: Human distal airways contain a multipotent secretory cell that can regenerate alveoli. Nature Mar 2022.

Carson P, Tomer Y, Dimopoulos T, Zhao M, Huang L, Ebert C, Sareda L, Rodriguez L, Murthy A, Trujillo G, Beers M, Katzen J: Development and Validation of a Novel Translationally Relevant Murine Model of Pulmonary Fibrosis Based Upon a Pathogenic Surfactant Protein C Mutation. Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Summit 2021 Nov 2021 Notes: Poster presentation.

Tomer Y, Wambach J, Knudsen L, Zhao M, Rodriguez LR, Murthy A, White FV, Venosa A, Katzen J, Ochs M, Hamvas A, Beers MF, Mulugeta S.: The common ABCA3(E292V) variant disrupts AT2 cell quality control and increases susceptibility to lung injury and aberrant remodeling. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 321(2): L291-L307, Aug 2021.

Toulmin SA, Bhadiadra C, Paris AJ, Lin JH, Katzen J, Basil MC, Morrisey EE, Worthen GS, Eisenlohr LC.: Type II alveolar cell MHCII improves respiratory viral disease outcomes while exhibiting limited antigen presentation. Nat Commun 12: 3993, Jun 2021.

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