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Michael O. Harhay, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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304 Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.S. (Neuroscience and Philosophy)
Muhlenberg College, 2005.
M.Be (Bioethics)
University of Pennsylvania , 2006.
M.P.H. (Global Health)
University of Pennsylvania , 2009.
M.A. (Demography)
University of Pennsylvania , 2010.
M.A. (Statistics)
University of Pennsylvania, 2015.
Ph.D. (Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2016.
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Selected Publications

Blette BS, Moutchia J, Al-Naamani N, Ventetuolo CE, Cheng C, Appleby D, Urbanowicz RJ, Fritz J, Mazurek JA, Li F, Kawut SM, Harhay MO: Is low-risk status a surrogate outcome in pulmonary arterial hypertension? An analysis of three randomised trials. Lancet Respiratory Medicine 11(10): 873-882, Oct 2023 Notes: The first author, Dr. Blette, was a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Harhay's lab.

Tong G, Li F, Chen X, Hirani SP, Newman SP, Wang W, Harhay MO: A Bayesian approach for estimating the survivor average causal effect when outcomes are truncated by death in cluster-randomized trials. American Journal of Epidemiology 192(6): 1006-1015, Jun 2023.

Kahan BC, White IR, Edwards M, Harhay MO: Using modified intention-to-treat as a principal stratum estimator for failure to initiate treatment. Clinical Trials 20(3): 269-275, Jun 2023.

Kahan BC, Cro S, Li F, Harhay MO: Eliminating ambiguous treatment effects using estimands. American Journal of Epidemiology 192(6): 987-994, Jun 2023.

Kahan BC, Li F, Copas AJ, Harhay MO: Estimands in cluster-randomized trials: choosing analyses that answer the right question. International Journal of Epidemiology 52(1): 107-118, Feb 2023.

Harhay MO, Blette BS, Granholm A, Moler FW, Zampieri FG, Goligher EC, Gardner MM, Topjian AA, Yehya N: A Bayesian interpretation of a pediatric cardiac arrest trial (THAPCA-OH). NEJM Evidence 2(1): e1-12, Jan 2023 Notes: https://doi.org/10.1056/evidoa2200196.

Harhay MO, Cherikh WS, Toll AE, Christie JD, Stehlik J, Chambers D, Hayes D Jr, Cantu E: Epidemiology, risk factors, and outcomes of lung retransplantation: An analysis of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation Thoracic Transplant Registry. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 41(10): 1478-1486, Oct 2022.

Legrand M, Bagshaw SM, Koyner JL, Schulman IH, Mathis MR, Bernholz J, Coca S, Gallagher M, Gaudry S, Liu KD, Mehta RL, Pirracchio R, Ryan A, Steubl D, Stockbridge N, Erlandsson F, Turan A, Wilson FP, Zarbock A, Bokoch MP, Casey JD, Rossignol P, Harhay MO: Optimizing the design and analysis of future AKI trials. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 33(8): 1459-1470, Aug 2022.

Zampieri FG, Casey JD, Shankar-Hari M, Harrell FE Jr, Harhay MO: Using Bayesian methods to augment the interpretation of critical care trials. an overview of theory and example reanalysis of the Alveolar Recruitment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Trial. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 203(5): 543-552, Mar 2021.

Yehya N, Harhay MO: Severity of hypoxemia may explain indeterminate results in pediatric trials of inhaled nitric oxide. Intensive Care Medicine 47(8): 913-915, Aug 2021.

Harhay MO, Donaldson GC: Guidance on statistical reporting to help improve your chances of a favorable statistical review. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 201(9): 1035-1038, May 2020.

Harhay MO, Ratcliffe SJ, Small DS, Suttner LH, Crowther MJ, Halpern SD: Measuring and analyzing length of stay in critical care trials. Medical Care 57(9): e53–e59, Sep 2019.

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