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Barbara K Schmidt, MD, MSc

Emeritus Professor CE of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Division of Neonatology and Newborn Services
3400 Spruce Street, 8 Ravdin
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 662-3228
Fax: (215) 349-8831
Georg-August University, 1976.
MD Thesis
Georg-August University, 1977.
MSc (Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics)
McMaster University, 1992.
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Selected Publications

Schmidt B, Roberts RS, Anderson PJ, Asztalos EV, Costantini L, Davis PG, Dewey D, D'llario J, Doyle LW, Grunau RE, Moddemann D, Nelson H, Ohlsson A, Solimano A, Tin W; Caffeine for Apnea of Prematurity (CAP) Trial Group: Academic Performance, Motor Function, and Behavior 11 Years After neonatal Caffeine Citrate Therapy for Apnea of Prematurity: An 11-Year follow-up of the CAP Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Pediatr April 2017.

Whyte RK, Nelson H, Roberts RS, Schmidt B: Benefits of Oxygen Saturation Targeting Trials: Oximeter Calibration Software Revision and Infant Saturations. J Pediatr March 2017.

Jensen EA, Dysart KC, Gantz MG, Carper B, Higgins RD, Keszler M, Laughon MM, Poindexter BB, Stoll BJ, Walsh MC, Schmidt B; Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network: Association Between Use of Prophylactic Indomethacin and the Risk for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Extremely Preterm Infants. J Pediatr February 2017.

Jensen EA, Panitch H, Feng R, Moore PE, Schmidt B: Interobserver Reliability of the Respiratory Physical Examination in Premature Infants: A Multicenter Study. J Pediatr November 2016.

Schmidt B, Whyte RK, Shah PS, Abbasi S, Bairam A, Harrold J, Roberts RS; Canadian Oxygen Trial (COT) Group: Effects of Targeting Higher or Lower Oxygen Saturations in Centers with More Versus Less Separation between Median Saturations. J Pediatr November 2016.

Das A, Tyson J, Pedroza C, Schmidt B, Gantz M, Wallace D, Truog WE, Higgins RD: Methodological Issues in the Design and Analyses of Neonatal Research Studies: Experience of the NICHD Neonatal Research Network. Semin Perinatol June 2016.

Poindexter BB, Feng R, Schmidt B, Aschner JL, Ballard RA, Hamvas A, Reynolds AM, Shaw PA, Jobe AH: Comparisons and Limitations of Current Definitions Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. Ann Am Thorac Soc December 2015 Notes: Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Program.

Schmidt B, Roberts RS, Davis PG, Doyle LW, Asztalos EV, Opie G, Bairam A, Solimano A, Arnon S, Sauve RS: Prediction of Late Death or Disability at Age 5 Years Using a Count of 3 Neonatal Morbidities in Very Low Birth Weight Infants. J Pediatr November 2015 Notes: Caffeine for Apnea of Prematurity (CAP) Trial Investigators

Poets CF, Roberts RS, Schmidt B, Whyte RK, Asztalos EV, Bader D, Bairam A, Moddemann D, Peliowski A, Rabi Y, Solimano A, Nelson H: Association Between Intermittent Hypoxemia or Bradycardia and Late Death or Disability in Extremely Preterm Infants. JAMA August 2015 Notes: Canadian Oxygen Trial Investigators.

Synnes A, Anderson PJ, Grunau RE, Dewey D, Moddemann D, Tin W, Davis PG, Doyle LW, Foster G, Khairy M, Nwaesei C, Schmidt B: Predicting severe motor impairment in preterm children at age 5 years. Arch Dis Child August 2015 Notes: CAP Trial Investigator group.

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