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Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
34th and Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-2449
Fax: 215-590-3705
Wesleyan University (College of Letters), 1992.
Medical College of Pennsylvania-Hahnemann University, 2000.
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health , 2005.
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Selected Publications

Zona N, Savant JD, Galea L, Hewlett J, Lopez S, Laskin B, LaRosa C, Goka S, Amaral S, Viteri B.: Single center experience of surveillance biopsies in pediatric kidney transplants. International Pediatric Transplant Association 2023. Poster presentation. March 2023.

West KB, Plevinsky JM, Amaral S, Laskin B, Lefkowitz DS. : Predicting psychosocial risk in pediatric kidney transplantation: an exploratory cluster analysis of a revised Pediatric Transplant Rating Instrument. Pediatric Transplantation Dec 2022.

Ku E, Amaral S, McCulloch CE, Adey D, Li L, Johansen K. : CKD-EPI Equations for Estimating Racial Differences in Preemptive Waitlisting for Kidney Transplantation. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 17(10): 1515-21, September 2022.

Amaral S, McCulloch CE, Lin F, Grimes BA, Furth S, Warady B, Brunson C, Siyahian S, Ku E: Association between Dialysis Facility Ownership and Access to the Waiting List and Transplant in Pediatric Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease in the US. Journal of the American Medical Association Page: 451-459, August 2022.

Hewlett J, LePalma K, Galea L, Savant J, Lopez S, Rosano JV, Strong A, Viteri B, Larosa C, Amaral S, Laskin B: Leflunomide in Children with BK Polymavirus Viremia after Kidney Transplant. American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting 2022, Poster presentation June 2022.

Amaral S, Kwong P, Zhu J, George R, Rodig N, Warady B, Smith J, Bobrowski A, Matossian D, Zelikovsky N, Schwartz L, Reese P, Goldfarb Terry R, Reason J, Chung A, Furth S.: Baseline findings from the U-REAACT trial to improve medication adherence in youth with kidney transplants. American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting, Poster Presentation June 2022.

Goldfarb Terry R, Parlin U, Edwards A, Chung A, Amaral S. : Caregiver Financial Stress during the Transplant Process. American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting 2022, Poster presentation June 2022.

Olga Charnaya, Daniella Levy Erez, Sandra Amaral, Dimitrios Monos: Pediatric Kidney Transplantation - Can We Do Better? The Promise and Limitations of Epitope/Eplet Matching. Frontiers in Pediatrics, Nephrology Section May 2022.

Mary Ellen Vajravelu, Talia Hitt, NaDea Mak, Aliya Edwards, Jonathan Mitchell, Lisa Schwartz, Silva Arslanian, Andrea Kelly, Sandra Amaral: Text Messages and Financial Incentives to Increase Physical Activity in Adolescents with Pre-diabetes and Type II Diabetes: Web-based Group Interviews to Inform Intervention Design. Journal of Internet Research Diabetes April 2022.

West, K.B., Plevinsky, J.M., Amaral, S., Laskin, B., & Lefkowitz, D.S: Predicting risk in pediatric kidney transplantation: An exploratory cluster analysis of the Pediatric Transplant Rating Instrument. Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference 2022, Poster presentation April 2022.

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