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Mucio Kit Delgado, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Department: Emergency Medicine
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Department of Emergency Medicine
933 Blockley Hall, 423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-8256
Fax: 215-573-2265
B.A. (Public/International Affairs)
Princeton University, 2001.
M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)
Columbia University, 2006.
M.S. (Health Services Research)
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2012.
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Selected Publications

Kaufman, EJ, Wiebe, DJ , Xiong, RA, Morrison, CN, Seamon, MJ, Delgado, MK: Epidemiologic Trends in Fatal and Nonfatal Firearm Injuries in the US, 2009-2017. JAMA Internal Medicine Online ahead of print., December 2020 Notes: doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.6696.

Kilaru, AS, Lee, K, MD, Snider, CK, Meisel, ZF, Asch, DA, Mitra, N, Delgado, MK: Return Hospital Admissions Among 1419 CovidÔÇÉ19 Patients Discharged from Five US Emergency Departments. Academic Emergency Medicine 10.1111/acem.14117, Aug 2020.

Anesi GL, Halpern SD, Delgado MK : Covid-19 related hospital admissions in the United States: needs and outcomes. BMJ May 2020 Notes: doi:10.1136/bmj.m2082.

Kilaru AS, Xiong A, Lowenstein M, Meisel ZF, Perrone J, Khatri U, Mitra N, Delgado MK: Incidence of Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Following Nonfatal Overdose in Commercially Insured Patients. JAMA Network Open 3(5), May 2020 Notes: doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.5852.

Lowenstein M, Hossain E, Yang W, Grande D, Perrone J, Neuman MD, Ashburn M, Delgado MK: Impact of a State Opioid Prescribing Limit and Electronic Medical Record Alert on Opioid Prescriptions: a Difference-in-Differences Analysis. Journal of General Internal Medicine [Epub ahead of print], October 2019.

Coupet Jr., E, Huang, Y, Delgado, MK: US Emergency Department Encounters for Firearm Injuries According to Presentation at Trauma vs Nontrauma Centers. JAMA Surgery (e-pub ahead of print), January 2019.

Lowenstein, M, Grande, D, Delgado, MK: Opioid Prescribing Limits for Acute Pain - Striking the Right Balance. New England Journal of Medicine 379(6): 504-506, August 2018.

Delgado MK, Huang Y, Meisel ZF, Hennessy S, Yokell M, Polsky D, Perrone J: National Variation in Opioid Prescribing and Risk of Prolonged Use for Opioid-Naive Patients Treated in the Emergency Department for Ankle Sprains. Annals of Emergency Medicine 72(4): 389-400, Oct 2018.

McDonald, CC, Ward, K, Huang, Y, Wiebe, DJ, Delgado, MK: Novel smartphone-based measures of cell phone use while driving in a sample of newly licensed adolescent drivers. Health Education & Behavior 46(1): 10-14, July 2018.

Delgado, MK, Shofer, FS, Patel, MS, Halpern, SD, Edwards, C, Meisel, ZF, Perrone, J: Association between electronic medical record implementation of default opioid prescription quantities on prescribing behavior in two emergency departments. Journal of General Internal Medicine 33(4): 409-411, Apr 2018.

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