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Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD, M.Bioethics

John M. Eisenberg, M.D. Professor in Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
301 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-898-1462
B.S. (Psychology and Economics)
Duke University, 1995.
M.S.C.E. (Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2001.
M.Be (Bioethics)
University of Pennsylvania, 2002.
Ph.D. (Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2002.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania, 2003.
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Selected Publications

Halpern SD, Harhay MO, Saulsgiver KA, Brophy C, Troxel A, Volpp KG: A Pragmatic Trial of E-Cigarettes, Incentives, and Drugs for Smoking Cessation. New England Journal of Medicine 378(24): 2302-2310, June 2018.

Courtright, KR, Cassell JB, Halpern, SD: A Research Agenda for High-Value Palliative Care. Annals of Internal Medicine 168(7): 71-72, January 2018.

Detsky ME, Harhay MO, Bayard DF, Delman AM, Buehler AE, Kent SA, Ciuffetelli IV, Cooney E, Gabler NB, Ratcliffe SJ, Mikkelsen ME, Halpern SD : Discriminative accuracy of physician and nurse predictions of survival and functional outcomes 6 months after ICU admission. JAMA 317(2): 2187-2195, June 2017.

Rolnick, JA; Asch, DA; Halpern, SD: Delegalizing Advance Directives - Facilitating Advance Care Planning. New England Journal of Medicine 376(22): 2105-2107, June 2017.

Rubin Emily B, Buehler Anna E, Halpern Scott D: States Worse Than Death Among Hospitalized Patients With Serious Illnesses. JAMA internal medicine 176(10): 1557-1559, Oct 2016.

Halpern Scott D: Toward Evidence-Based End-of-Life Care. The New England journal of medicine 373(21): 2001-3, Nov 2015.

Halpern Scott D, French Benjamin, Small Dylan S, Saulsgiver Kathryn, Harhay Michael O, Audrain-McGovern Janet, Loewenstein George, Brennan Troyen A, Asch David A, Volpp Kevin G: Randomized trial of four financial-incentive programs for smoking cessation. The New England Journal of Medicine 372(22): 2108-17, May 2015.

Hart Joanna L, Harhay Michael O, Gabler Nicole B, Ratcliffe Sarah J, Quill Caroline M, Halpern Scott D: Variability Among US Intensive Care Units in Managing the Care of Patients Admitted With Preexisting Limits on Life-Sustaining Therapies. JAMA Internal Medicine 175(6): 1019-26, Jun 2015.

Auriemma CL, Nguyen CA, Bronheim R, Kent S, Nadigu S, Pardo D, Halpern SD. : Stability of end-of-life preferences: A systematic review of the evidence. JAMA Internal Medicine 174(7): 1085-1092, July 2014

Wagner J, Gabler NB, Ratcliffe SJ, Brown SES, Strom BL, Halpern SD.: Outcomes among patients discharged from busy intensive care units. Annals of Internal Medicine 159(7): 447-455, Oct 2013.

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