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Ian J. Barnett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Contact information
Division of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
212 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 650-799-7868
B.S. (Mathematical and Computational Sciences)
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2010.
Ph.D. (Biostatistics)
Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA, 2014.
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Selected Publications

Cohen, A., et. al.: Digital Phenotyping Data and Anomaly Detection Methods to Assess Changes in Mood and Anxiety Symptoms across a Transdiagnostic Clinical Sample. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica May 2024 Notes: In press.

Ebert, J., Xiong, R., Khan, N., Abdel-Rahman1, D., Leitner, A., Everett, W., Gaba, K., Fisher, W., McDonald, C., Winston, F., Rosin, R., Volpp, K., Barnett, I., Wiebe, D., Halpern, S., and Delgado, M.: Feedback and financial incentives for reducing cellphone use while driving: a randomized trial JAMA Network Open May 2024 Notes: In press.

Gray, L., Barnett, I., and Torous, J.: The Potential for Digital Phenotyping in Understanding Mindfulness App Engagement Patterns: A Pilot Study. Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine May 2024 Notes: In press.

J. Tejan, I. Barnett, A. Delgado, Z. Wang, V. Kheterpal, E. Schramm, S. Raval, M. Montenario, N. Agyapong, A. Delgado, M. Tisminetzky, M. Mujahid, S. Judd, R.S. Vasan, D. McManus, and A. Soni: Association of daily temperature and precipitation with physical activity and sleep among the RURAL Cohort Study participants over a six-month period. American Heart Association Epidemiology and Prevention Lifestyle Scientific Sections 2024 Mar 2024.

Mandel, F. and Barnett, I.: Permutation-based Hypothesis Testing for Neural Networks. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence Feb 2024.

K. Hackett, S. Xu, M. McKniff, A. Federman, I. Barnett, M. Sano, and T. Giovannetti: Applications for smartphone digital phenotyping in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials: Preliminary feasibility and validity of a theoretically-informed approach. International Neuropsychological Society Meetings 2024 Feb 2024 Notes: Peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Luong, N., Barnett, I., and Aledavood, T.: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily rhythms. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 30(12): 1943-1953, Nov 2023.

Basner, M., Barnett, I., Carlin, M., Choi, G., Czech, J., Ecker, J., Gilad, Y., Godwin, T., Jodts, E., Jones, C., Kaizi-Lutu, M., Kali, J., Opsomer, J., Park-Chavar, S., Smith, M., Schneller, V., Song, N., Shaw, P. : Effects of Aircraft Noise on Sleep: FAA National Sleep Study Protocol. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20(21): 7024, Nov 2023.

S Xu, Z Bu, P Chaudhari, I Barnett: Sparse Neural Additive Model: Interpretable Deep Learning with Feature Selection via Group Sparsity. Proceedings of the Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases 14171: 343–359, Sep 2023.

Parikh, R., Schriver, E., Williamson, J., Ferrell, W., Wakim, J., Kopinsky, M., Balachandran, M., Chen, J., Patel, M., Takvorian, S., Shulman, L., Bekelman, J., Barnett, I., and Manz, C.: Association of remote, longitudinal patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and step counts with hospitalization or death among patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy: Secondary analysis of the PROStep randomized trial. Journal of Clinical Oncology 41(16): 1581-1581, Sep 2023.

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