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Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessment: A Survey of Individuals and Families Living with Autism

The ASERT Needs Assessment was a state-wide survey of caregivers and individuals with autism spectrum disorder completed in 2009-2010. The needs assessment collected information about service utilization and gaps in services. Thank you to all who participated!


The Statewide Summary provides a broad overview of the findings of the needs assessment. More specific topic reports follow. Please click the report name to view the report. All reports are in Adobe Acrobat. pdf

Report #1 Statewide Summary
Report #2 Service Needs
Report #3 Barriers and Limitations to Accessing Services
Report #4 Unwanted Outcomes - Police Contact & Urgent Hospital Care
Report #5 Getting an Autism Diagnosis and Follow-Up Care
Report #6 Employment Challenges
Report #7 Family Impact
Report #8
Report Recommendations












Please see below for survey modules and responses for each age group. All surveys and results are in Adobe Acrobat. pdf

Pre Elementary School
Elementary School
Middle/High School
Adults out of High School
Individuals over 18 Who Answered for Themselves


Suggested Citations pdf

The document displays suggested citations for the Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessment Reports. Please use this format when citing any of the reports.