2011 IMFAR Poster

Colleen M. Harker; Knashawn Morales; Ming Xie; Erica M. Reisinger; Sujie Shin; David S. Mandell - “Examining the Trajectory of Students with ASD in a Large Public School District.


2010 IMFAR Posters

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Kira S. Branch; Donielle N. Johnson; Lindsay J. Lawer; Megan A. McCarthy; Lori A. Plummer; Edward S. Brodkin; David S. Mandell - "Validity of the ADI-R in an Adult Inpatient Population"

Colleen M. Harker; Erica M. Reisinger; Andrea D. Sherman; Ming Xie; Sujie Shin; David S. Mandell - "Using the ADOS Severity Metric to Evaluate a Behavioral
Intervention in a Large Public School District"

Megan A. McCarthy; Kira S. Branch; Lindsay J. Lawer; Lori A. Plummer; David S. Mandell - "Putting Recommendations into Practice: Obtaining Services for
Children Recently Diagnosed with ASD"

Erica M. Reisinger; Ming Xie.; Sujie Shin.; Andrea D. Sherman; Colleen M. Harker; David S. Mandell - "Parent-teacher concordance on the Social Responsiveness Scale
for children with a putative diagnosis of ASD"

Andrea D. Sherman, Sujie Shin; Colleen M Harker; Erica M. Reisinger; David S. Mandell - "Stress in 1-Parent and 2-Parent Households with Children with