Ambulatory Analytics

What Is It

Ambulatory Analytics is an additional set of dashboards designed to display targeted trending information to aid management in their decision making processes. These metrics are designed specifically for the two major outpatient entities of Clinical Care Associates (CCA) and Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP).

Our Goal

The primary goal of ambulatory analytics is to bring together data from disparate sources measuring patient access, service and quality processes within CPUP and CCA. End users from both entities use multiple tools today to piece together information needed for decision making. This process in itself is onerous, error prone and challenging. With ambulatory analytics the hope is to bring together data from these systems under one umbrella with one set of tools to display the same. Other expectations include better data quality and ease of use.

Another important goal would be to use this framework to quickly whip out new measures that are needed to participate in various government/payor related programs.


For access to Ambulatory Analytics Dashboard please logon to PennChart, search for ambulatory analytics within the My Dashboards tab and chose the Dashboard, as the following example shows.