Strategic Decision Support

What Is It

Penn Medicine's Strategic Decision Support (SDS) Datamart contains both data from the HPM Decision Support System and Market Share data received from the following states: PA, NJ, NY, and Maryland. This system uses a complex business rule engine (BRE) to assign each encounter to a multi-tiered service line hierarchy. The system contains direct revenue paid on accounts, indirect revenue payments received by the health system (EG IME), and costs to enable detailed margin reporting.

Our Goal

Enable advanced analytics from the viewpoint of the patient’s condition (IE service line). Information is available to executives, management, and analysts both in standard reports and via ad-hocs run in a user-friendly Business Objects Universe.

What We Do

  • Manage and enhance the Oracle database
  • Manage the monthly load from HPM to the datamart
  • Maintain, enhance and run the service line assignment tool and rules (IE BRE)
  • Maintain and enhance the Business Objects Universe
  • Ensure that the data is accurate and useful