Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive for our monoclonal antibodies we have made many commercially available.

The monoclonal antibodies listed may be purchased from Millipore, Sigma, Santa Cruz, Abcam, Immuquest, or Novus Biologicals.

For reagents not listed, please e-mail with your request. Be sure to include in your message the following critical information:

1. Name of person requesting material
2. E-mail address
3. Organization
4. Shipping address (please be as specific as possible)
5. Special customs information
6. Name of requested reagent
7. Intended use of reagent

Before any reagents are sent out, we must receive a completed and signed Materials Transfer Agreement, which delineates the terms of use, further distribution, and source acknowledgement. Please be aware that theMTA approval process can take up to a few weeks.

Upon approval, our reagents will be sent in 50 microliter samples. Shipments are sent overnight on dry ice in the beginning of each week.

Thank you for your cooperation with our shipping protocols. We are glad to be of assistance in your research.

- We use Federal Express as our carrier and ask that the costs of shipping be covered by the recipient. If you do not have or cannot obtain a FedEx account, please describe your situation so that other options may be considered.

- If there are any pertinent customs requirements in the country of destination, please specify them in order to avoid any unnecessary delays that may jeopardize the integrity of the reagents contained in your package.

Clone Name Monoclonal Antibody Against
4B10 hnRNP-A1
9H10 hnRNP-A1
DP3B3 hnRNP-A2/B1
4F4 hnRNP-C1/C2
3H4 hnRNP-F
1G11 hnRNP-F/H
3C2 hnRNP-K/J
4D11 hnRNP-L
18E4 hnRNP-Q
3G6 hnRNP-U
11G5 Aly/REF1
6A15 Drosophila FMR1
A42 FXR2
2E17 Gemin 2
12H12 Gemin 3
D45 Transportin 1
53H8 TAP
10E10 poly(A) binding protein
4C4 Y14