Department of Psychiatry
Penn Behavioral Health


Penn Behavioral Health's Forensic Psychiatry Service brings together a multidisciplinary team of world class experts to provide answers to questions at the crossroads of mental health and law.

Forensic evaluations are required for a number of legal and administrative purposes and utilized across a broad spectrum of situations. Experts within our Forensic Psychiatry Service review all pertinent documents and perform independent psychiatric examinations with the capability of including psychological testing, neuropsychological testing and Neuroimaging when indicated by the forensic circumstances. Our experts also have considerable experience with deposition and trial testimony.

Our faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychiatry is comprised of world-renowned academicians with expertise in mood and anxiety disorders, addiction, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide, psychotherapy and neuropsychiatric disorders. This wide range of specialization provides our Forensic Psychiatry Service with a superior depth of knowledge in civil, criminal, clinical and consultative areas of forensic psychiatry, enabling us to provide experts who are optimally suited to perform comprehensive and unbiased consultations that are tailored to each unique task.