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The American Heart Association offers CPR and AED training through its network of Training Centers. To locate a Training Center near you, call 1-877-AHA-4CPR, or use the online class finder.

The American Red Cross also offers CPR/AED training, please refer to their website for more information.

The American Heart Association has developed a new Heartsaver AED Course that integrates CPR and AED training.

"Working Against Time"

This brochure, Working Against Time" is published by the American Heart Association and is a great reference stressing the importance of an AED program including a descriptive outline of the chain of survival.

American Red Cross AED FAQs

Are you prepared in the event of sudden cardiac arrest?

This app from the folks at Philips provides life-saving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 101 in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Check it out!


You can help save lives!

After a cardiac arrest, the likelihood of survival diminishes 10% every minute without CPR. Time is of the essence. With an estimated 1 million Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) in the US, these devices along with CPR could save thousands of lives annually. Our inability to locate AEDs in an emergency situation diminishes their life-saving benefits. Sign up for MyHeartMap Challenge updates here.