Neuroimaging methods are increasingly applied to all phases of neuroscience research ranging from preclinical studies in animal models to human patients. Even in an era of genomics and molecular medicine, neuroimaging remains essential for phenotyping brain structure and function, and for monitoring the evolution of brain disorders and their treatments.

The Neuroscience Neuroimaging Center (NNC) NINDS P30 Institutional Center Core was established in 2003 to provide researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and collaborating institutions with access to infrastructure and multidisciplinary expertise needed to carry out cutting edge neuroimaging research. This Center Core consolidates a broad range of methodological expertise in neuroimaging by supporting fractional efforts of several technically oriented scientists and staff from various neuroimaging laboratories on campus as well as shared infrastructure including instrumentation and computing facilities. Neuroscience Neuroimaging Center users carry out a broad range of research in disorders such as stroke, epilepsy, migraine, traumatic brain injury, degenerative diseases of the brain, and developmental disorders.

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