The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

PSOM Research Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

PSOM Animal Research Policies and Guidelines

Management of MHV-Infected Rooms/Suites in SOM Animal Facilites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-001)

Quarantine of Rodents Due to Infectious Disease Outbreak in School of Medicine Animal Facilities (Policy No. RA-ANML-002.1) [pdf]

Relocation of Rodents Between Rooms, Suites and Facilities in SOM Vivaria
(Policy No. RA-ANML-003.3)

Mouse Transfers from the CRB Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility to the JMB Animal Service Unit
(Policy No. RA-ANML-004) (Discontinued 09-12-2011)

Procedures for Management of Pinworms in SOM Rodent Facilities
(Policy No. RA-ANML-005)

Housing or Use of Animals in Non School of Medicine Sites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-006)

Management of Significant Non-Compliance in Animal Research
(Policy No. RA-ANML-007)

Management of MPV-Infected Rooms/Suites in SOM Barrier Animal Facilities (Policy No. RA-ANML-008) [pdf]

Center and Institute Policy

Establishment, Administration, and Review of Centers and Institutes
(PSOM Policy No. ADM-CI-001)

PSOM Research Core Facilities Policies and Guidelines

Core Research Facilities Guidelines & Operating Principles [pdf]

Annual Core Report and Review Outline [pdf]

New Core Proposal Outline [pdf]

Outline for the Request of New Equipment by an Existing Core Facility [pdf]

Outline for the Proposal of New Services by an Existing Core Facility [pdf]

Visiting Scholar Policy and Guidelines

Visiting Scholar Policy [pdf]

Visiting Scholar Guidelines [pdf]

Visiting Scholar Appointment Letter Template

Perelman School of Medicine Authorship Policy [pdf]

Memo Regarding Conflict of Interest Related to Industry-Sponsored Speaking Engagements [pdf]


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