Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Wang Lab



NIAGADS Genomics Database: Genomic database and a comprehensive suite of analysis tools

DASHR: Human non-coding RNA database. Publication.

Data sets

Human brain data GSE43335    Download page/GEO. Publication.

Processed smRNA-seq data for DASHR    Download page.

Single cell data Website.

Mouse RNA-seq Download page/GEO. Publication.

ADSP. Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project. Apply through dbGaP

ADGC. Alzheimer's Disease Genetic Consortium, GWAS dataset for >30,000 subjects. Apply through NIAGADS.


CoRAL    Suite of tools for classification and annotation of non-coding RNAs
Software. Publication.

SAVoR    RNA secondary structure annotation
Website. Publication

HAMR    Identification of RNA modifications from RNA-Seq data
Website. Publication.

HIPPIE    Suite of tools for identifying regulatory interactions from Hi-C data

DRAW & SneakPeek    Suite of tools for whole-genome and whole-exome DNA-seq data analysis
Website. Publication.