Jason D. Christie, MD, MSCE

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Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine
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Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
423 Guardian Drive
717 Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 573-3209
Fax: (215) 573-0198
Sc.B. (Chemistry)
Brown University, 1989.
M.D. (Medicine)
Columbia University, 1993.
M.S.C.E. (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2002.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Christie's translational research studies involve the role of oxidative stress, coagulation/fibrinolysis and inflammatory pathways in acute lung injury following lung transplantation (termed primary graft dysfunction); somatic genetic variation; gene expression; and protein biomarkers in the etiology and pathogenesis of acute lung injury in the transplant, sepsis, and trauma populations.

Selected Publications

Shashaty MGS, Kalkan E, Bellamy SL, Reilly JP, Holena DN, Cummins K, Lanken PN, Feldman HI, Reilly MP, Udupa JK, Christie JD: Computed tomography-defined abdominal adiposity is associated with acute kidney injury in critically ill trauma patients. Critical Care Medicine 42(7): 1619-28, July 2014.

Reilly John P, Bellamy Scarlett, Shashaty Michael G S, Gallop Robert, Meyer Nuala J, Lanken Paul N, Kaplan Sandra, Holena Daniel N, May Addison K, Ware Lorraine B, Christie Jason D: Heterogeneous phenotypes of acute respiratory distress syndrome after major trauma. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 11(5): 728-36, Jun 2014.

Shah, R.J.* Emtiazjoo, A.M.* Diamond, J.M. Smith, P.A. Roe, D.W. Wille, K.M. Orens, J.B. Ware, L.B. Weinacker, A. Lama, V.N. Bhorade, S. Palmer, S.M. Crespo, M. Lederer, D.J. Cantu, E. Eckert, G.J. Christie, J.D.* Wilkes, D.S.* (*contriubted equally).: Plasma Complement Levels are Associated with Primary Graft Dysfunction and Mortality after Lung Transplantation. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 189(12): 1564-7, Jun 2014.

Cohen David G, Christie Jason D, Anderson Brian J, Diamond Joshua M, Judy Ryan P, Shah Rupal J, Cantu Edward, Bellamy Scarlett L, Blumenthal Nancy P, Demissie Ejigayehu, Hopkins Ramona O, Mikkelsen Mark E: Cognitive function, mental health, and health-related quality of life after lung transplantation. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 11(4): 522-30, May 2014.

Wong HR, Lindsell CJ, Pettilä V, Meyer NJ, Thair SA, Karlsson S, Russell JA, Fjell CD, Boyd JH, Ruokonen E, Shashaty MG, Christie JD, Hart KW, Lahni P, Walley KR: A Multibiomarker-Based Outcome Risk Stratification Model for Adult Septic Shock. Critical Care Medicine 42(4): 781-9, April 2014.

Reilly JP, Meyer NJ, Shashaty MG, Feng R, Lanken PN, Gallop R, Kaplan S, Herlim M, Oz NL, Hiciano I, Campbell A, Holena DN, Reilly MP, Christie JD: ABO Blood Type A is Associated with Increased Risk of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Caucasians Following both Major Trauma and Severe Sepsis. Chest 145(4): 753-61, April 2014.

Diamond JM, Akimova T, Kazi A, Shah RJ, Cantu E, Feng R, Levine MH, Kawut SM, Meyer NJ, Lee JC, Hancock WW, Aplenc R, Ware LB, Palmer SM, Bhorade S, Lama VN, Weinacker A, Orens J, Wille K, Crespo M, Lederer DJ, Arcasoy S, Demissie E, Christie JD for the Lung Transplant Outcomes Group: Genetic Variation in Prostaglandin E2 Pathway is Associated with Primary Graft Dysfunction. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 189(5): 567-75, Mar 2014.

Shah RJ, Wickersham N, Lederer DJ, Palmer SM, Cantu E, Diamond JM, Kawut SM, Lama VN, Bhorade S, Crespo M, Demissie E, Sonett J, Wille K, Orens J, Weinacker A, Shah P, Arcasoy S, Wilkes DS, Christie JD, Ware LB; for the Lung Transplant Outcomes Group: Preoperative Plasma Club (Clara) Cell Secretory Protein Levels Are Associated With Primary Graft Dysfunction After Lung Transplantation. American Journal of Transplantation 14(2): 446-52, Feb 2014.

Nakahira K, Kyung SY, Rogers AJ, Gazourian L, Youn S, Massaro AF, Quintana C, Osorio JC, Wang Z, Zhao Y, Lawler LA, Christie JD, Meyer NJ, Causland FR, Waikar SS, Waxman AB, Chung RT, Bueno R, Rosas IO, Fredenburgh LE, Baron RM, Christiani DC, Hunninghake GM, Choi AM: Circulating mitochondrial DNA in patients in the ICU as a marker of mortality: derivation and validation. PLoS One 10(12), Dec 2013.

Mikkelsen ME, Shah CV, Meyer NJ, Gaieski DF, Lyon S, Miltiades AN, Goyal M, Fuchs BD, Bellamy SL, Christie JD: The Epidemiology of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Severe Sepsis. Shock 40(5): 375-81, Nov 2013.

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