Ulf H Beier, MD

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics
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Abramson Research Center, Room 916-C
3615 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 590 2449
Lab: (267) 426 5407
Dr. med.
Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, 2004.
Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, 2004.
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Description of Research Expertise

T cell metabolism
Transplant Immunology
Regulatory T cells

Selected Publications

Negorev D, Beier UH, Zhang T, Quatromoni JG, Bhojnagarwala P, Albelda SM, Singhal S, Eruslanov E, Lohoff FW, Levine MH, Diamond JM, Christie JD, Hancock WW, Akimova T: Human neutrophils can mimic myeloid-derived suppressor cells (PMN-MDSC) and suppress microbead or lectin-induced T cell proliferation through artefactual mechanisms. Scientific Reports 8(1): 3135, Feb 2018.

Beier UH: Apoptotic Regulatory T Cells Retain Suppressive Function through Adenosine. Cell Metabolism 27(1): 5-7, Jan 2018.

Laskin B, Seif A, Bunin N, Wang Y, Beier U, Altrich M, Jodele S, Daives S, Denburg M: BK viremia is common in children after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 24(3): S87, 2018.

Huang J, Wang L, Dahiya S, Beier UH, Han R, Samanta A, Bergman J, Sotomayor EM, Seto E, Kozikowski AP, Hancock WW: Histone/protein deacetylase 11 targeting promotes Foxp3+ Treg function. Scientific reports 7(1): 8626, Aug 2017.

Akimova T, Zhang T, Negorev D, Singhal S, Stadanlick J, Rao A, Annunziata M, Levine MH, Beier UH, Diamond JM, Christie JD, Albelda SM, Eruslanov EB, Hancock WW: Human lung tumor FOXP3+ Tregs upregulate four "Treg-locking" transcription factors. JCI insight 2(16), Aug 2017.

Angelin A, Gil-de-Gómez L, Dahiya S, Jiao J, Guo L, Levine MH, Wang Z, Quinn WJ 3rd, Kopinski PK, Wang L, Akimova T, Liu Y, Bhatti TR, Han R, Laskin BL, Baur JA, Blair IA, Wallace DC, Hancock WW, Beier UH: Foxp3 Reprograms T Cell Metabolism to Function in Low-Glucose, High-Lactate Environments. Cell Metabolism April 2017.

Wang L, Samanta A, Levine M, Beier U, Han R, Kalin J, Holson E, Cole P, Hancock W: Vital Role of the CoREST Complex as a Master Regulator of Foxp3+ T-Regulatory Cell Gene Expression and Suppressive Function. Am J Transplant 17: 342, 2017.

Beier UH, Jiao J, Wang Z, Quinn WJ 3rd, Baur J, Hancock WW, Levine MH: Novel approaches to modulate T cell responses based on insights from tumor metabolism: Lactate and pyruvate control T cell function through NAD redox metabolism. J Am Soc Nephrol 28, abstract supplement: 665, 2017.

Laskin BL, Jiao J, Baluarte HJ, Amaral S, Furth SL, Akimova T, Hancock WW, Levine MH, Reese PP, Beier UH: The immunosuppressive effects of tacrolimus are short-lived: implications for T cell function testing and medication adherence. Transplantation Direct 2017.

Angelin A, Gil-de-Gómez L, Dahiya S, Jiao J, Guo L, Levine MH, Wang Z, Quinn W, Kopinski PK, Wang L, Baur JA, Blair IA, Wallace DC, Hancock WW, Beier UH: Foxp3 increases oxidative phosphorylation and NAD oxidation, adapting regulatory T cells to low glucose high lactate environments. Euromit, Cologne, Germany 2017.

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