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Dawn J Mechanic-Hamilton, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Clinical Director, Cognitive Fitness Program, Penn Memory Center, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Neurology

Contact information
Penn Memory Center
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, 2 South
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-4516
B.A. (Psychobiology)
Wellesley College, 1998.
M.S. (Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology Concentration)
Drexel University, 2008.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology Concentration)
Drexel University, 2010.
Post-Graduate Training
Predoctoral Intern in Clinical Neuropsychology, Brown University Clinical Psychology Training Consortium, 2009-2010.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuropsychology, University of Pennsylvania, Psychiatry Department, Neuropsychiatry Division, 2010-2012.
American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), 2016.
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Selected Publications

Wan Q, Chrysikou EG, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Yaden D, Thompson-Schill SL, Hamilton R: A Standardized Neuropsychological Test for Creativity Based on the Alternative Uses Task. Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society March 2017.

Devlin KN, Saad L, Giovannetti T, Wolk DA, and Mechanic-Hamilton D: Diagnosing Mild Cognitive Impairment: Comparison of Conventional, Actuarial, and Statistical Methods 45th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society February 2017.

Saad L, Wolk DA, Mechanic-Hamilton D: An Update on Normative Data for Neuropsychological Performance on Memory and Language Measures in a Racially Diverse Older Adult Longitudinal Cohort. 45th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society February 2017.

Roalf DR, Moore TM, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Wolk DA, Arnold SA, Weintraub DA, & Moberg PJ : Bridging Cognitive Screening Tests in Neurological Disorders: A cross-walk between the s-MoCA and MMSE. Alzheimer’s & Dementia in press, January 2017.

Brennan L, Devlin K, Xie SX, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Tran B, Hurtig H, Chen-Plotkin A, Chahine L, Morley JF, Duda JE, Roalf DR, Dahodwala N, Rick J, Trojanowski JQ, Moberg PJ, Weintraub D. : Neuropsychological subgroups in non-demented Parkinson’s disease: A latent class analysis. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease in press 2017.

Lazar RM, Pavol MA, Bormann T, Dwyer MG, Kraemer C, White R, Zivadinov R, Wertheimer JC, Thöne-Otto A, Ravdin LD, Naugle R, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Garmoe WS, Stringer AY, Bender HA, Kapadia SR, Kodali S, Ghanem A, Linke A, Mehran R, Virmani R, Nazif T, Parhizgar A, Leon MB: Neurocognition and Cerebral Lesion Burden in High-Risk patients before Undergoing TAVR: Insights from the Sentinel Trial. JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions in press 2017.

Koenig AM, Mechanic-Hamilton D, Xie SX, Combs MF, Cappola AR, Xie L, Detre JA, Wolk DA, Arnold SE: Effects of the Insulin Sensitizer Metformin in Alzheimer’s Disease: Pilot Data from a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study. Alzheimer's Disease & Associated Disorders in press 2017.

Quarmley, Megan, Moberg, Paul J., Mechanic-Hamilton, Dawn, Kabadi, Sushila, Arnold, Steven E., Wolk, David A., Roalf, David R.: Odor Identification Screening Improves Diagnostic Classification in Incipient Alzheimer’s Disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 55(4): 1497-1507, December 2016.

Roalf, D.R., Quarmley, M., Mechanic-Hamilton, D., Wolk, D.A., Arnold, S.E., Moberg, P.J. : Within-Individual Variability: An Index for Subtle Change in Neurocognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 54(325-35), August 2016.

L Brennan, K Devlin, SX Xie, D Mechanic-Hamilton, B Tran, HH Hurtig, A Chen-Plotkin, L Chahine, JF Morley, JE Duda, DR Roalf, N Dahodwala, J Rick, JQ Trojanowski, PJ Moberg, D Weintraub : Neuropsychological Subgroups in Non-Demented Parkinson's Disease: A Latent Class Analysis. 20th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders June 2016.

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