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They say a dog is man’s best friend. But if that man (or woman) is a researcher? It might not be just any regular dog. — Scientist’s Best Friend

FDA Approves Personalized Cellular Therapy for Advanced Leukemia Developed by UPenn and CHOP: A Landmark decision for the field of cancer immunotherapy:

TIME Magazine takes a deep dive into CAR T therapy, which is now on the cusp of FDA approval. Penn Medicine pioneered the CAR T therapy and is working with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Novartis to benefit both adult and pediatric patients.   

Contrast agent helps surgeons spot cancerous lung nodules: A new method improves the detection of cancerous lung nodules during surgery. If validated in larger studies, the technique could help surgeons detect and more effectively remove cancer from the lung.



PA Supreme Court Decision Impacting Consent - Additional Guidance for Clinical Research from OCR and IRB

Since the July 21, 2017 email to the Penn Research Community regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision impacting consent, including informed consent in research, OCR and the IRB have received numerous requests for more detailed guidance.  The purpose of the documents linked below are to provide more detailed implementation guidance to the research community regarding obtaining informed consent in clinical research at the Perelman School of Medicine. 

  • Guidance Document around Consenting Clinical Research Subjects in Interventional Trials from the IRB and OCR
  • Additional Guidance in the form of an FAQ document based on research use cases


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