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Meet a PennMedicine Researcher

Christoph A. Thaiss, PhD

Christoph A. Thaiss, PhD
Assistant Professor of Microbiology, is the recipient of the 2023 Michael S. Brown New Investigator Research Award. Established in honor of Nobel Laureate Michael S. Brown, a 1966 Penn School of Medicine alumnus, the Brown Award recognizes emerging faculty investigators engaged in innovative discoveries. Dr. Christoph Thaiss has emerged as a leading figure in microbiome research, making significant contributions by uncovering novel connections between environmental and lifestyle factors and common human diseases, particularly focusing on the microbiome's intricate role in these dynamics. His extensive research efforts have garnered international acclaim and received substantial attention from the global media. More about Dr. Thaiss

Welcome to Our Newest Faculty Members!

  • Tomas E. Meijome, MD

    Tomas E. Meijome, MD
    Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

  • Elizabeth M. Sonnenberg, MD, MSHP

    Elizabeth M. Sonnenberg, MD, MSHP
    Assistant Professor of Surgery

  • Keyur H. Desai, MD

    Keyur H. Desai, MD
    Assistant Professor of Radiology

  • Julia C. Durante, MD, MPH

    Julia C. Durante, MD, MPH
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

  • Fiona Pirrocco, DO

    Fiona Pirrocco, DO
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

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