Staff Spotlight

  • Carolyn Amaradio

    Carolyn Amaradio

    Executive Assistant to the Chair, Department of Physiology
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  • Regina Medlock

    Regina Medlock

    Business Administrator B, Executive Vice Dean & Biomedical Graduate Studies Finance
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  • Erin Schubert

    Erin Schubert

    Administrative Director, PET Center, Department of Radiology
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  • Brian Korn

    Brian Korn

    IT Support Supervisor, Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS)
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  • Elizabeth Moore, CRA

    Elizabeth Moore, CRA

    Director of Research Administration, Department of Emergency Medicine
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  • Suzanne Rizio

    Suzanne Rizio

    Grants Manager, Department of Emergency Medicine
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  • Norman Butler

    Norman Butler

    Director, Core Facilities - Department of Radiology
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  • Linda Seabury

    Linda Seabury

    Research Laboratory Technician B, Cancer Biology & Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (AFCRI)
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  • Lisa Nessel, MSS, MLSP

    Lisa Nessel, MSS, MLSP

    Senior Research Project Manager, Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB)
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  • Rosemary Welsh

    Rosemary Welsh

    Administrative Assistant, PSOM Finance
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  • Beth Marra

    Beth Marra

    Registration & Visiting Student Coordinator - Registrar's Office, Academic Programs
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