Standing Committees

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The School of Medicine Animal Research Committee (SOMARC) was established in 2004 to ensure faculty representation in School and institution-wide decisions regarding the management and operation of animal facilities. The SOMARC is comprised of faculty who have extensive experience in animal research. The committee is charged with developing policy and procedural recommendations for implementation by the PSOM and ULAR. Members represent both users of large and small animals, as well as each PSOM animal facility. Ex officio members include senior University and ULAR leadership.

Please direct all questions regarding the School of Medicine Animal Research Committee to the Associate Dean for Animal Research.

Committee Membership

Stuart Isaacs, MD

Chair Associate Dean for Animal Research

Associate Professor, Medicine 

Marisa Bartolomei, PhD

Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology

Lewis Chodosh, MD, PhD

Professor, Cancer Biology

Cynthia Clendenin, VMD

Scientific Director, Mouse Hospital

Yale Cohen, PhD

Chair, Intitutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Associate Professor, Otorhinolaryngology

Mariella De Biasi, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychiatry

Robert Gorman, MD

Professor, Surgery

Ali Naji, MD, PhD

Professor, Surgery

W. Timothy O'Brien, PhD

Director, Neurobehavior Testing Core

R. Christopher Pierce, PhD

Professor, Psychiatry

M. Celeste Simon, PhD

Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology

Louis Soslowsky, PhD

Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery


Derrick A. Dow

Associate Director, Husbandry and Facilities, ULAR

Diane J. Gaertner, DVM, ACLAM 

Director, University Laboratory Animal Resources

Gregory Reinhard, MBA, DVM, DACLAM

Director, Office of Animal Welfare

Phillip Scott, PhD

Associate Dean for Research School of Veterinary Medicine

Abigail L. Smith, AB, MPH, PhD 

Associate Director, University Laboratory Animal Resources

Staff Liaison 

Kayvon J. Nikoo

Associate Director, Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

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