Welcome to the Office of Clinical Research


International Clinical Trials Day is May 20th. This month the OCR has launched our communications campaign Clinical Research in Action. Through this initiative, we seek to reach patients, potential research participants and the community to raise awareness about clinical research efforts at Penn.

Our multipronged Clinical Research in Action campaign includes:

  • Brochure – Choosing to Participate in Clinical Research at Penn
  • Wall Clings
  • Screensavers at Penn computers in patient clinics, waiting rooms
  • Clinical Research in Action Facebook campaign
  • FAQ Page for Red Coat Ambassadors
  • Ask Me About Research buttons
  • Scheduled informational booths at various Penn locations

Please partner with us to spread the word about Clinical Research in Action at Penn! We are happy to order
Ask Me About Research” buttons, brochures or wall Clings for your department. Please email OCR at psom-ocr@pobox.upenn.edu.

Thank you for all your contributions to clinical research at Penn and the work you do to advance care for Penn Medicine patients.

Meet the Team 

Mission Statement

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) is a central office in the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) designed to support the management and conduct of clinical research while promoting compliance. This is accomplished through standardizing the approach to clinical research across the various research centers and departments in the Perelman School of Medicine, and supporting investigative teams through regulatory and operational assistance, and enhancements in study management and oversight.

OCR seeks to promote human research for the advancement of healthcare while ensuring the highest level of research participant safety and facilitating the highest quality research by:

  • Realizing the best research standards through adherence to university and government research policies and regulations;
  • Supporting investigators and research teams through process improvement, innovative technologies, and education and training initiatives;
  • Propagating best operational practices to maximize the efficiencies of research activities;
  • Collaborating with University organizations involved with human research.

Meet the Team


Emma A. Meagher, M.D.
Professor, Medicine and Pharmacology
Vice Dean, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Vice President, University of Pennsylvania Health System
Phone: (215) 662-2174
Email: emma@upenn.edu

Lorri Schieri, MBA
Chief Operating Officer, Clinical and Translational Science
Phone: (215) 573-0900
Email: ​schieril@upenn.edu



Stacy Mercado, MS, CHRC, CCRC 
Phone: (215) 615-0295
Email: mercados@upenn.edu

Matthew MacDonald 
Associate Director 
Phone: (215) 614-6059
Email: mmacdona@upenn.edu

Ro-Pauline Doe
Sr. CR Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Phone: (215) 349-5339
Email: ropaulkd@upenn.edu

Mary Ferrara
Sr. CR Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Phone: (215) 349-5297
Email: ingramm@upenn.edu

Tiffany Barnette
Sr. CR Monitoring Specialist
Email: tiffbarn@upenn.edu

Nicole Clayton
CR Monitoring Specialist
Email: claytonn@upenn.edu

Sarah Murray
CR Monitoring Specialist
Email: murrs@upenn.edu

Thomas Moore
CR Monitoring Specialist
Email: mooretho@upenn.edu

Timothy Reilly
CR Monitoring Specialist
Email: tbreilly@upenn.edu




Jason Molli
Director of Research Finance Phone:  (215) 349-8887
Email: ​molli@upenn.edu

Alicia Fenerty
Clinical Research Billing Manager
Phone:  (215) 615-4761
Email: afenerty@upenn.edu

Veronica (Ronnie) Kain
Clinical Research Financial Manager
Phone:  (215) 662-4484
Email: kain@upenn.edu

Christine Master
Clinical Research Financial Manager
Phone:  (215) 349-8887
Email: cmaster@upenn.edu

Natalie Rosetti
Clinical Research Financial Manager
Phone:  (215) 662-7891
Email: rosettin@upenn.edu

Tracey Ung
Clinical Research Financial Manager
Email: ungt@upenn.edu

Taskina Akhter
Clinical Research Financial Specialist
Phone:  (215) 662-7187
Email: takhter@upenn.edu

John Baumgardner
Clinical Research Financial Specialist
Phone:  (215) 573-4301
Email: johnbaum@upenn.edu

Katie Linder
Clinical Research Financial Specialist
Phone:  (215) 349-8905
Email: klinder@upenn.edu

Christina Nguyen 
Clinical Research Financial Specialist
Phone:  (215) 662-3306
Email: ngch@upenn.edu

Collin McNamara
Clinical Research Financial Specialist
Phone:  (215) 349-8905
Email: collinjm@upenn.edu




Donya Short, Esq.
Associate General Counsel and Sr. Director 
Phone: (215) 573-6705
Email: shortdj@upenn.edu

Patricia Eynard, Esq.
Sr. Associate Director
Phone: (215) 746-5730
Email: ​peynard@upenn.edu

Jody Chance, Esq.
Associate Director
Phone: (215) 898-5743
Email: ​jchance@upenn.edu

Hilary Cornell, Esq.
Associate Director
Phone: (215) 746-6355
Email: ​hcornell@upenn.edu

Cynthia Covie, Esq.
Associate Director
Email: ​ccovie@upenn.edu

Lisa Goldman, Esq.
Associate Director 
Phone: (215) 746-5731
Email: lisalg@upenn.edu

Sufei Hu, Esq.
Associate Director
Phone: (215) 746-5072
Email: ​sufeihu@upenn.edu

Alexandra (Ali) Tomich, Esq.
Associate Director
Phone: (215) 746-5064
Email: ​atomich@upenn.edu

Angie Sydnor
Sr. Contract Administrator
Phone: (215) 573-8597
Email: Asydnor@upenn.edu

Michelle Buono
Contract Administrator
Phone: (215) 746-8913
Email: mbuono@upenn.edu

Kimberly (Kim) Wilson
Contractor Adminstrator
Phone: (215) 573-9970
Email: ​kimjwils@upenn.edu





Laura Fluharty
Executive Director, Clinical Research Operations 
Phone: (215) 662-4616
Email: ​lauraee@upenn.edu

Mahasweta Dutt
Associate Director Training and Facilitation
Phone: (215) 662-4629
Email: ​mdutt@upenn.edu

Lori Conley
Associate Director Clinical Research Monitoring
Phone: (215) 662-4634
Email: conley@upenn.edu

Eian More
Sr. Clinical Research Operations Specialist
Phone: (215) 349-5662
Email: eian@upenn.edu 

Kathy Tang
Sr. Clinical Research Operations Specialist
Phone: (215) 349-5355
Email: kathyt@upenn.edu

Ted Kolwicz
Clinical Research Operations Specialist
Phone: (215) 615-8770
Email: tkolwicz@upenn.edu

Ellen Lindner
Clinical Research Operations Specialist
Phone: (215) 615-3421
Email: elindner@upenn.edu

Rosalyn McNeill
Sr. Training Specialist
Phone: (215) 662-4640
Email: ​rmcneill@upenn.edu

Elaine Spangler
Sr. Clinical Research Monitoring Specialist
Phone: (215) 662-4484
Email: ​espangle@upenn.edu

Brianna Soreth
Sr. Clinical Research Monitoring Specialist
Email: ​sorethb@upenn.edu

Ann Zalokoski-Monroe
Sr. Clinical Research Monitoring Specialist
Phone: (215) 898-1189
Email: ​annzalo@upenn.edu

Dipti PatelClinical
Research Monitoring Specialist 
Email: diptip@upenn.edu

Paul M. Sanborn
Data Analyst 
Email: sanborn@upenn.edu

Thomas Hohing
Recruitment Specialist
Email: thohing@upenn.edu

Nevine Mikhail
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (215) 662-4484
Email: nevinem@upenn.edu




Deanna Didonato
Director of Regulatory Services
Phone: (215) 349-5401
Email: ​deannad@upenn.edu

Maria Caturla
Associate Director
Phone: (215) 662-4618
Email: caturm@upenn.edu

Steven Emanuel
Associate Director 
Phone: (215) 349-5345
Email: emanues1@upenn.edu

Inna Strakovsky
Associate Director 
Phone: (215) 614-6061
Email: innastr@upenn.edu

David Blatcher
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Phone: (215) 662-7190
Email: blatcher@upenn.edu

Andrew Carter
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Phone: (215) 662-3153
Email: ​andcar@upenn.edu

Melissa Ignagtowski
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Phone: (215) 662-4484
Email: igmel@upenn.edu

Lauren Karpf
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Phone: (215) 615-4399
Email: lkarpf@upenn.edu

Lauren Ann Quinn
Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Email: klquinn@upenn.edu

Nahrin Ahmed
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Email: nahrin@upenn.edu