PSOM Resource Guide

banner imageA curated compilation of helpful PSOM tools & information to help you get started.

The PSOM digital signage provides a dynamic means of marketing events, programs and other initiatives to the Penn Medicine community via LCD displays located across PSOM's campus.

For questions related to the digital displays, please contact Faith Brown at

Streamline event planning with these helpful tools, tips and guidelines:

The PSOM Well newsletter is a bi-weekly roundup of research funding opportunities, school news, and events, designed to convey announcements to faculty in a convenient format published on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

For questions related to the Faculty Newsletter, please contact Christopher Jayne at

The PSOM LiveWhale events calendar is a web-based, public-facing calendar with many helpful features, including rich event content such as photos, links, and flyers; event keywords for easier filtering and searching; event registration and waitlist management; feeds to the Penn calendar and the PSOM video displays, as well as to individual department websites; and integration with the VirtualEMS room booking system.

For questions related to the LiveWhale calendar, please contact Faith Brown at

Templafy is an exciting new tool that takes the headache out of designing PowerPoint presentations. The easy-to-use platform provides convenient access to all of Penn Medicine’s most up-to-date templates, 1000s of the slide layouts, icons, and photos that will help create on-brand presentations faster.

For technical support, please contact

Learn more about Penn name use, logos, branding guidelines, and the standards and requirements around website development.

For questions about branding, please contact the Penn Medicine Marketing team at

Consider creating a social media account to improve outreach and engagement, build community, and promote research, achievements and events.

The Penn Medicine Communications team promotes and protects the reputation of the Perelman School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Health System through numerous strategies, including:

  • Media relations
  • Penn Medicine publications (internal newsletters and Penn Medicine magazine)
  • Internal communications
  • Social media
  • Coordination with Development and Marketing

Working with Media

The Communications team is available 24/7 to offer support. If you are contacted directly by news media, please reach out to the press officer who manages communications for your department. You can view contact details here:

Please reach out any time with story ideas – if you’re an expert on a topic in the news and are interested in speaking with media, if you have a new paper accepted for publication that might lend itself to publicity, or if you have ideas for topics you think the press/public should know about. These ideas often lend themselves to coverage in our internal publications.

After business hours, call  215-662-2560 for instructions on how to reach a member of the Communications team.

The Communications team’s website at highlights blog posts, news releases, and recent media stories featuring UPHS/PSOM programs, researchers, and faculty members. The site also features online versions of our alumni magazine Penn Medicine and all of the health system’s internal publications.

Patient Privacy Considerations (Maintaining HIPAA Compliance)

  • Often, we work with patients to tell their stories on behalf of Penn Medicine. If you are interested in speaking about a patient story with media, or if you have an interesting/unique patient story to tell, please work with your Communications’ press officer contact.
  • Your press officer will work to obtain signed consent from patients or family members prior to media engagement. 

Resources for Writing

  • We are available to review and provide editorial support for pieces that you might be interested in authoring and submitting for publication in the lay press (such as op-eds, personal reflection essays, and letters to the editor). Please share your proposed article with the team before submitting to an outlet for guidance—we can often provide suggestions on outlets to target, broader context, etc.
  • Writing about patient cases for the press (such as in first-person opinion pieces) requires special privacy considerations, and we can help facilitate the proper process and make connections to the Privacy Office for additional guidance.
  • If you wish to use your UPHS or PSOM affiliation in an article, please include a brief disclosure statement clarifying that your opinions are personal and do not necessarily represent the opinions of UPHS: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of the University of Pennsylvania Health System or the Perelman School of Medicine.

Industry Related Media

  • Due to Penn’s conflict of interest and non-endorsement policies governing relationships with industry, requests for press releases, media outreach, or marketing activities involving Penn staff, students, or faculty initiated by pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies, or any other third party requires review and approval from the Communications department. Some of these requests may not be permitted by University policies.
  • Penn-affiliated individuals’ financial ties to the company must be disclosed in all such materials.

Political or Legislative Advocacy

  • Both the Communications and Government Relations teams are available to provide guidance on any political advocacy questions, requests, and other governmental activities.
  • Please contact Holly Auer at and Kristen Molloy if you have any questions and/or if you are interested in potential advocacy—such as op-eds or letters to the editor in support or opposition to proposed legislation, “lobby days” in state capitals or in Washington, D.C., etc.
  • Language acknowledging that a faculty member is not speaking on behalf of the institution nor speaking to institutional policies and practices should be included in any written or verbal testimony submitted to legislative bodies.

Please contact Kaitlyn Hagarty at to request to have information added to this page.