Zoom Video Conferencing

The University of Pennsylvania has signed an enterprise agreement with Zoom, which provides Zoom licenses for all PSOM faculty, staff and students. Zoom provides an easy to use video conferencing platform that is available at no cost. Zoom can be used to host education, research and administrative meetings. Zoom cannot be used for telemedicine / telehealth visits.

Zoom Account Setup Instructions

Access My Zoom Account

Outlook Integration Instructions

I use the Outlook Desktop Client — OR — I use the Outlook Web Client

Note: Please read an important message from Microsoft about changes for Outlook plugins for Mac users.

Zoom Implementation Updates

Check back for updates on the Zoom implementation for PSOM.

GSuite Zoom Plugin Changes Effective April 25, 2021

PSOM Zoom users who have installed the Zoom Plugin for GSuite should check their email for an announcement by Zoom. The GSuite plugin will prompt all users to re-authorize Google's access to contacts. If you decline the authorization request, the Zoom for GSuite Add-on will not be able to schedule meetings.

Posted March 5, 2021 @ 2:33 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

What email address is used for Zoom?

Your email address will appear as pennkey@upenn.edu in Zoom. This address cannot be changed and is used for logging in to Zoom. If this is not your email address, rules have been created to forward Zoom email from your pennkey@upenn.edu to your email address. If you are not receiving Zoom requests, please contact medhelp@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for assistance.

My university colleagues using upenn.zoom.us can integrate Zoom with Canvas. Can I integrate my  Penn Medicine Zoom with Canvas?

Canvas and Panopto integration are now available!

How do I host a webinar?

A webinar license must be purchased to host a webinar. Pricing for the license is based on the number of attendees per webinar and is billed yearly. Feature differences between a meeting and webinar.

  • Webinar 100: $360
  • Webinar 500: $1,260
  • Webinar 1000: $3,060
  • Webinar 3000: $8,910

Please email pm-zoom@pennmedicine.upenn.edu with a budget code to obtain a webinar license.


Please visit the Zoom FAQs for more questions and answers.

Additional Information

Additional information is also available at these locations:

Have a question? Need more information? Please open a ticket with the PMACS Helpdesk or contact MedHelp.