Training Grants and Fellowships

There are more than 70 NIH T32 awards that support predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees at Penn, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Wistar Institute.  Faculty members who wish to nominate a trainee for one or more of these grants are encouraged to contact the PI.

Click here to view a list of current T32 grants at Penn and associated institutions.

T32 Related Training for Predocs and Postdocs

The offices of BGS and Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs (BPP) organize NIH-mandated components of T32 training for biomedical trainees in the areas of responsible conduct of research and scientific rigor and reproducibility, individual development plans (IDPs), and career development support.  The offices also work with the office of PSOM Research Training Programs to organize recruitment of trainees from diverse backgrounds.

  Predocs Postdocs
Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research and Scientific Rigor and Reproducibility BGS RCR/SRR BPP RCR
Individual Development Plans BGS IDPs BPP IDP
Career Development BGS Career Dev’t BPP Career Mgt
Professional Development BGS Prof. Skills BPP Prof. Skills

Resources for T32 Proposal Development

Resources are available centrally for the support of faculty members who are preparing T32 proposals. They include:

  • Assistance with NIH data table preparation
  • Text and data for recruitment plan to enhance diversity
  • Text and data for instruction in the responsible conduct of research and methods for enhancing reproducibility
  • Text on facilities and resources
  • Institutional letters of support

T32 Proposal Development Guide (note: this guide is only available to PennKey holders) is available to Penn-affiliated faculty and staff, which provides details about the process for gathering the information listed above.  Contact Gabrielle Ostapovich, Associate Director for T32 Proposal Development in BGS, with any questions.