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Zoltan Pierre Arany

Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
11th floor Smilow Tranlational Research Center
34th and Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19142
Office: 215-746-0127
BA (Biochemical Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Harvard College, 1989.
PhD (Biological and Biomedical Sciences )
Harvard Graduate School, 1995.
MD (Medicine)
Harvard Medical School, 1998.
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Selected Publications

Arany Zoltan P, Walker Christopher M, Wang Lin: Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 22-2014. A 40-year-old woman with postpartum dyspnea and hypoxemia. The New England journal of medicine 371(3): 261-9, Jul 2014.

Rowe Glenn C, Raghuram Srilatha, Jang Cholsoon, Nagy Janice, Patten Ian S, Goyal Amrita, Chan Mun Chun, Liu Laura, Jiang Aihua, Spokes Katherine, Beeler David L, Dvorak Harold F, Aird William C, Arany Zoltan: PGC-1α Induces SPP1 to Activate Macrophages and Orchestrate Functional Angiogenesis in Skeletal Muscle. Circulation research Jul 2014.

Chan Mun Chun, Arany Zolt: The many roles of PGC-1α in muscle--recent developments. Metabolism: clinical and experimental 63(4): 441-51, Apr 2014.

Hilfiker-Kleiner Denise, Arany Zolt: Focus on pregnancy-mediated heart and vascular disease. Cardiovascular research 101(4): 543-4, Mar 2014.

Liu Laura X, Arany Zolt: Maternal cardiac metabolism in pregnancy. Cardiovascular research 101(4): 545-53, Mar 2014.

Thom Robyn, Rowe Glenn C, Jang Cholsoon, Safdar Adeel, Arany Zoltan: Hypoxic induction of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and angiogenesis in muscle by truncated peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator (PGC)-1α. The Journal of biological chemistry 289(13): 8810-7, Mar 2014.

Rowe Glenn C, Safdar Adeel, Arany Zolt: Running forward: new frontiers in endurance exercise biology. Circulation 129(7): 798-810, Feb 2014.

Sawada Naoki, Jiang Aihua, Takizawa Fumihiko, Safdar Adeel, Manika Andre, Tesmenitsky Yevgenia, Kang Kyu-Tae, Bischoff Joyce, Kalwa Hermann, Sartoretto Juliano L, Kamei Yasutomi, Benjamin Laura E, Watada Hirotaka, Ogawa Yoshihiro, Higashikuni Yasutomi, Kessinger Chase W, Jaffer Farouc A, Michel Thomas, Sata Masataka, Croce Kevin, Tanaka Rica, Arany Zolt: Endothelial PGC-1α mediates vascular dysfunction in diabetes. Cell metabolism 19(2): 246-58, Feb 2014.

Chan Mun Chun, Rowe Glenn C, Raghuram Srilatha, Patten Ian S, Farrell Caitlin, Arany Zolt: Post-natal induction of PGC-1α protects against severe muscle dystrophy independently of utrophin. Skeletal muscle 4(1): 2, 2014.

Icli B, Wara AK, Moslehi J, Sun X, Plovie E, Cahill M, Marchini JF, Schissler A, Padera RF, Shi J, Cheng HW, Raghuram S, Arany Z, Liao R, Croce K, Macrae CA, Feinberg MW: MicroRNA-26a regulates pathological and physiological angiogenesis by targeting BMP/SMAD1 signaling. Circulation Research 113(11): 1231-41, Nov 2013 Notes: [Epub ahead of print]

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