Cycle 10, year 2011-2012


Matt Hoelzle

Sep 7, 2011 Ohashi et al, LIM-kinase Has a Dual Role in Regulating Lamellipodium Extension by Decelerating the Rate of Actin Retrograde Flow and the Rate of Actin Polymerization JBC, 2011

Tanya Svitkina

Sep 14,2011 Nightingale et al,. Actomyosin II contractility expels von Willebrand factor from Weibel-Palade bodies during exocytosis. J Cell Biol 194, 613-629.
Adam Zwolak Sep 21,2011  Visser et al, Treponema denticola Major Outer Sheath Protein Induces Actin Assembly at Free Barbed Ends by a PIP2-Dependent Uncapping Mechanism in Fibroblasts, Plos One 2011

Junling Wang

Sep 28,2011 GRK5 promotes F-actin bundling and targets bundles to membrane structures to control neuronal morphogenesis. Chen Y et al, J Cell Biol. 2011 
Sogata Saha Oct 12, 2011 Vicinanza et al. OCRL controls trafficking through early endosomes via PtdIns4,5P(2)-dependent regulation of endosomal actin. EMBO J. 2011 Oct 4.

Malgorzata Boczkowska

Oct 19,2011 Canceled
Nageswara Rao Jampani
Oct 26, 2011 Huang et al., Structural insights into host GTPase isoform selection by a family of bacterial GEF mimics, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 16, 853 - 860 (2009)
Fangliang Zhang Nov 2, 2011 Lo et al, Actin in Mung Bean Mitocondria andd Implications for its Function. Plant Cell 2011
Roberto Dominguez Nov 9, 2011 Canceled
Agnieszka Collins Nov 16, 2011 Silvan et al, an antiparallel actin dimer is associated with the endocytic pathway in mammalian cells, J.Struct. Biol. 2011
Grzegorz Rebowski Nov 30, 2011 Canceled

Dec 7, 2011
ACBS Meeting
David Kast Dec 14,2011

Dec 21, 2011
Holiday Break

Dec 28,2011
Holiday Break
Yadaiah Madasu Jan 4, 2012 Shawna C et al., Rickettsia parkeri invasion of diverse host cells involves an Arp2/3 complex, WAVE complex and Rho-family GTPase-dependent pathway, Cellular Microbiology
Steven Jones Jan 11,2012 Hayakawa et al., Actin filaments functions as a tension sensor by tension dependent binding of cofilin to the filament, JCB
Roland F.Rivera-Santiago Jan 18,2012 Hung et al., Direct redox regulation of F-actin assembly and disassembly, Science 2011
Bengi Tregun Jan 25,2012 Fenn et al., Structural Biochemistry of nuclear actin-related protein 4 and 8 reveals their interaction with actin, EMBO J, 2011