Cycle 2, year 2007-2008


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April 16 2008

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Roberto Dominguez

April 23 2008

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April 30 2008

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May 5 2008

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May 14 2008

Junling Wang

May 21 2008

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Sung Haeng Lee

May 28 2008

ABBA regulates plasma-membrane and actin dynamics to promote radial glia extension. Journal of Cell Science 2008

Bethoney Kelley

June 4 2008

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Allison Zajac

June 11 2008

CP Increases the Rate of Actin-Based Motility by Promoting Filament Nucleation by the Arp2/3 Complex. Cell 2008

Malgorzata Boczkowska

June 18 2008

Coronin 1B Coordinates Arp2/3 Complex and Cofilin Activities at the Leading Edge. Cell 2007

Reena Rai

June 25 2008

A two-tiered mechanism for stabilization and immobilization of E-cadherin. Nature 2008

François Ferron

July 2 2008

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Changsong Yang

July 9 2008

The formin mDia2 stabilizes microtubules independently of its actin nucleation activity. JCB 2008

Anna Kashina

July 16 2008

WHAMM Is an Arp2/3 Complex Activator That Binds Microtubules and Functions in ER to Golgi Transport. Cell 2008

Suk Namgoong

July 23 2008

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Trevor Foskett

July 30 2008

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Roma Gorelik

August 6 2008

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August 13 2008

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August 20 2008

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Sougata Saha

August 27 2008

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Tanya Svitkina

Sep 3 2008

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Sep 10 2008