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02/18/16 - Penn Team Shines a Light on Creating Brown Fat to Fight Diabetes.

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02/18/16 - Testosterone Boosts Libido And Mood In Study -- But Beware Of Caveats .

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02/02/16 - Penn Researchers Offer New Approach to Treating Cocaine Addiction

01/04/16 - Insulin Price Shock

01/04/16 - Rob Kardashian Reportedly Hospitalized for Diabetes

12/17/15 - Intranasal Glucagon Effective for Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes

11/09/15 - Belly Fat Raises Risk of Death Even When BMI is 'Healthy'

11/09/15 - Does Brisk Walking Beat the Gym for Weight Control?

11/02/15 - She Occasionally Ignores Type 2 Diabetes, But it Never Ignores Her

10/7/15 - American Diabetes Association Awards Celebration

09/15/15 - Two Penn Medicine researchers were honored with the 2015 Outstanding Statistical Application Award from the American Statistical Association (ASA).

07/23/15 - Islet Cell Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes

07/09/15 - Genetic Variation Determines Protein’s Response to Anti-diabetic Drug

07/09/15 - Penn diabetes drug study shows promise of personalized medicine

07/09/15 - Pharmacogenomics Takes Big Step Forward with Diabetes Research

07/09/15 - Diabetic drug effectiveness influenced by genetics

06/19/15 - Keeping Your Body in Rhythm.

06/10/15 - Metabolic Syndrome Related To Protein That Regulates Liver Genes, Circadian Rhythms.

04/21/15 - Is it Always Unhealthy to Be Fat?

03/09/15 - For Diabetics, Fatigue and Burnout Are a Constant Challenge

03/06/15 - Major Hypoglycemia News From Paris Diabetes Conference

03/05/15 - Long-Term Follow-Up of Benign Thyroid Nodules Shows Favorable Prognosis

02/03/15 - Molecular Clocks throughout Body, Not Just Brain, Keep Tissues Humming

01/29/15 - Low Thyroid: Why Am I Cold All the Time

01/29/15 - Weight Loss Linked to Improved Sleep, Mood

12/18/14 - Pacreatic Islet Cell Transplatation Restores Type 1 Diabetes Patients' Ability to Defend Against Life Threatening Low Blood Sugar, According to Penn Medicine Study.

12/01/14 - Four Penn Faculty Named to 2014 Class of AAAS Fellows

11/20/14 - Penn Researchers Unwind the Mysteries of the Cellular Clock

11/06/14 - Penn-led Team Pieces Together Signaling Pathway Leading to Obesity

10/13/14 - Somatic Mutations in the ATRX Gene Reported for the First Time in Pheochromocytomas / Paragangliomas

06/19/14 - Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Regulates Health of Cell's Powerhouse, Penn Study Finds

06/13/14 - One in Four Americans With Diabetes Don't Know They Have It

06/06/14 - A New Way to Burn Calories

06/06/14 - Activating Beige Fat

06/02/14 - Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center helps Gina DiGregorio on her weight loss journey.

04/15/14 - Bucks Entrepreneur's Raw Foods Flying off the Shelves

04/11/14 - Penn Vet Researcher Unravels The Science of Obesity

03/18/14 - Penn Scientists Reprogram Gut Cells to Produce Insulin

03/13/14 - The JDRF is honoring Dr. Ali Naji for representing the scientific advances in diabetes care and research.

03/06/14 - Cellular Alchemy: Penn Study Shows How to Make Insulin-Producing Cells from Gut Cells

01/23/14 - Could Turning Down the Thermostat Help You Lose Weight?

01/21/14 - Study Counters 'Obesity Paradox' for Diabetics

01/16/14 - Silencing Inhibitor of Cell Replication Spurs Insulin-producing Beta Cells to Reproduce

01/10/14 - New Research Disputes Fat but Fit Claim

12/11/13 - Sleep-Deprived Mice Show Connections Among Lack of Shut-eye, Diabetes, Age

12/11/13 - Epigenetics: A New Twist on DNA

12/11/13 - Shifting The Clock: Chronobiolog at Penn Medicine

11/22/13 - Targets of Anticancer Drugs Have Broader Functions than What Their Name Suggests

11/06/13 - Heart Risks, Strokes, Deaths in Older Men

11/06/13 - Cells offer hope for Type 1 diabetes

11/05/13 - Like Clockwork - Researchers discover circadian rhythm’s role in fasting

10/31/13 - Penn Endocrinologist Wins Thyroid Association Award

10/28/13 - Cell Nucleus Protein in Brown Fat Cells Governs Daily Control of Body Temperature

10/28/13 - Drug Advances Make Kidney Transplants Between Spouses More Feasible

10/07/13 - Florida Mother Upset by School's 'Fat Letter': Is BMI Bogus?

09/30/13 - New Islet Cells Boost Insulin Sensitivty

09/09/13 - The Truth About Your BMI

09/04/13 - Out of Synch

09/03/13 - Mutant Mice Live Longer

08/26/13 - BMI Doesn't Offer TMI, According to Penn Researchers

08/23/13 - Obesity/Mortality Paradox Demonstrates Urgen Need for More Metabolic Measures

08/22/13 - For nearly 1 in 5 Americans, BMI may tell the wrong story

08/08/13 - A Diabetes Educator's Take on Day 1 of the AADE Annual Meeting

06/19/13 - AMA Declares Obesity a Disease

05/02/13 - VP & Council Member of Endocrine Society: Dr. Mandel, Dr. Lazar

04/30/13 - Binge Eating Curbed by Deep Brain Stimulation in Animal Model, Penn Study Shows

04/12/13 - Gene May Boost Death Risk From Most Common Thyroid Cancer

04/10/13 - Mutation Hikes Death Risk in Thyroid Cancer

04/09/13 - Testing for BRAF Genetic Mutation Beneficial Only in Aggressive Thyroid Cancers, Penn Editorial Suggests

03/27/13 - Brown Fat, White Fat, Good Fat, Bad Fat

02/27/13 - Reprogramming Cells to Fight Diabetes

01/07/13 - Penn Team Finds that Most-Used Diabetes Drug Works in Different Way than Previously Thought Findings Could Lead to Diabetes Treatments with Less Side-Effects

01/07/13 - Penn Study Details Dimmer Switch for Regulating Cell's Read of DNA Code

08/01/12 - A Peptide Controls Blood Sugar in People with Congenital Hyperinsulinism

07/02/12 - Is that Thyroid Lump Cancer? New test is more accurate

07/02/12 - Researchers find clues to living longer, healthier lives

06/25/12 - Gene Expression Test Identifies Low-Risk Thyroid Nodules

06/10/12 - Progress Towards Artificial Pancreas

05/19/12 - Testosterone Chases Viagra in Libido Race as Doctors Fret

04/24/12 - Circadian Rhythms: The Timekeepers Within

04/08/12 - Study finds gene variants behind childhood obesity risk

04/04/12 - Revelations into resveratrol's mechanism

04/04/12 - Penn Medicine Researchers Find that Molecular Pair Controls Time-Keeping a Metabolism

03/29/12 - Duality of Longevity Drug Explained by Perelman School of Medicine Researchers

03/24/12 - Raise a glass of wine to resveratrol

02/22/12 - Revising the "Textbook" on Liver Metabolism Offers New Targets for Diabetes Drugs, According to Penn Study.

01/30/12 - Brown Fat Revelations May Lead to New Weight Loss Drugs

01/19/12 - Gender Differences in Liver Cancer Risk Explained by Small Changes in Genome, Penn Study Finds

01/12/12 - Hormone May Spur New Drugs to Fight Fat

12/16/11 - Walk 3 mph or faster to outpace the Grim Reaper, scientists say

10/24/11 - Penn Study Explains Paradox of Insulin Resistance Genetics

09/12/11 - Penn Researchers Find High-Fat Diet and Lack of Enzyme Can Lead to Heart Disease in Mice

08/25/11 - 6 Penn Endocrinologist listed in Castel Connelly Top Docs

03/23/11 - Far from Radiation, Potassium Iodide Pills in Demand

03/22/11 - How Your Schedule Can Help (or Hurt) Your Health

03/21/11 - A Molecular Link Between Sleep and Liver Fat

03/10/11 - Molecules Work the Day Shift to Protect the Liver from Accumulating Fat, Says Penn Study

01/05/11 - Philly Joins Bid to Combat Sugary Soda Comsumption

10/5/10 - NIH Awards Two Penn Researchers 2010 New Innovator’s Award

5/17/10 - A Fat Cell Grows Up: Stages from Early to Mature Cell Offer Clues for Anti-Obesity Drug Development, Penn Researchers Report

5/10/10 - Prescription Tattoos: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

4/22/10 - Effects of Soda on the body

3/16/10 - Arthritis drug shows promise in Type 2 diabetes study

3/12/10 - Low-Fat Diets Outlast Low-Carb Diets

12/19/09 - Health Matters - Low on Testosterone? New Trial to Study Value of Replacement

12/17/09 - Large-scale trial will examine testosterone therapy's effects in older men

12/16/09 - Testosterone Replacement Therapy Trial Launched

12/12/09 - Testosterone therapy to be put to the test

12/10/09 - New Insights on Insulin Resistance

Facing Down Diabetes

11/2/09 - Penn Medicine Leads $45 Million NIH-Supported Trial to Study Testosterone Therapy in Older Men

10/26/09 - Link between diabetes and heart disease scrutinized in LA Times article

9/11/09 - Inner Workings of Molecular Thermostat Point to Pathways to Fight Diabetes, Obesity, According to Penn Study

7/9/09 - New Role Discovered for Molecule Important in Development of Pancreas, Penn Study Finds - Implications for New Diabetes Treatments

6/18/09 - Research round up: baboon bonds, frailty treatment, sleep debt

06/15/09 - “Shortcuts” of the Mind Lead to Miscalculations of Weight and Caloric Intake, Says Penn Psychology Study

6/17/09 - Appetite-Stimulating Hormone is First Potential Medical Treatment for Frailty in Older Women

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Taking the Stage for Diabetes. Actor Ben Vereen visits the Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center. He appeared on the 10 show just before coming to Penn. Below is a clip from the show.

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