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IRB Review Process

Since December 2010, all IRB applications in HS-ERA include simplified questions relating to the use of services in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. These services include those provided by any of the UPHS Clinical Laboratories, Division of Anatomic Pathology and Division of Transfusion Medicine. All studies using these services are required to complete one or more brief forms to describe the services desired. These forms are an integral part of HS-ERA, with applicable forms being presented during the application process. Any questions or concerns that arise from this review will be communicated, by letter, to the study contact.


Description of Research Review Process Workflow

A research billing number (RBN) must be set up for all research testing. All requests for Research Billing Numbers (RBNs) must be submitted electronically from the Clinical Research Billing web portal. The web portal can be found on your MY.MED page from the School of Medicine web site: After you log in using your PennKey and password, scroll down the MY APPLICATIONS list on the left side to find the section RESEARCH SUPPORT. Click on the Research Billing Portal link. For more information, see the Navigating RBN - User guide at


For Pathology and Laboratory Medicine research pricing, please go to the OHR website at and use the COST FINDER, which can be found under the quick links. If you still need assistance with the specific name of testing or CPT codes, please contact Michael Weinberg (email:


If your study is not already registered with Path BioResource, please set up an account at

(As of December 1, 2012 - Transfusion and Apheresis studies only)