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Materials for Download

Case Materials

These PowerPoint presentations were created by the medical student instructors and undergraduate teaching assistants of the Pipeline program, and were used to teach participants from Sayre High School.

Course Introduction

This introductory presentation, prepared by the program’s director Dr. Roy Hamilton, familiarizes students and teachers with the goals, objective, and structure of the Pipeline program.

Introductory Presentation


Alzheimer’s Disease

This clinical vignette was written by neurology residents to introduce the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease to medical students, undergraduates, and high school students.


This presentations was used to introduce and review the symptoms, and basic pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease with high school students.



Cocaine Addiction

These three presentations were used to introduce and review the symptoms, pathophysiology and medical and neurological effects of cocaine with high school students.

Class 1 Feb 5 0934.ppt, Pipeline Addiction Class 2.ppt, and Class 3.ppt

This is a Jeopardy-style game that was used as an exercise to review the neural mechanisms and adverse consequences of cocaine and crack use.

Case 1 Session 3.ppt and TBI Review.ppt


Epidural Hematoma

This presentation was used to review key concepts of traumatic brain injury with the medical students and undergraduates who subsequently organized and taught lessons to the high school students.

Intro to TBI 12.4.06.ppt

These two presentations were used to introduce and review the symptoms, diagnosis, and management of epidural hematoma with high school students.

Andrea’s Pipeline 1-17.ppt and Epidural Hematoma.ppt

These two files comprise a fill-in-the-blank game that was used as an exercise to review the topics of epidermal hematoma and traumatic brain injury.

Case 1 Session 3.ppt and TBI Review.ppt



These presentations were given by fourth-year medical students who were preparing to enter residency training in neurosurgery and radiology. The students briefly outline the therapeutic goals, methods, and common clinical scenarios seen in these two medical subspecialties.

Natasha Final.ppt and Casey-Neurosurgery.ppt

This is a fill-in-the-blank exercise designed to help students to review the fundamentals of neuroradiology to which they had been introduced in the preceding lecture on neuroimaging.

Game slides.ppt





Descriptions of our curriculum and our programís accomplishments have appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Download Pipeline articles from:

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