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These crystals are those identified in calcific tendinitis and periarthritis, tumoral calcinosis, idiopathic calcification of spinal ligaments and disks, diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, and Milwaukee shoulder syndrome. In addition, BCP crystals are present in synovial fluids, cartilage and synovium (Fig. 11) in a large subset of patients with osteoarthritis (21). Some apatite can be from bone fragments embedded in synovium in advanced OA. Studies of synovial fluids from osteoarthritic knee joints reveal apatite crystals in approximately 30 to 60% and such fluids more often contain both BCP and CPPD crystals than either species alone (23-26). The presence of BCP correlates with more severe radiographic joint degeneration and at times is associated with neuropathic-like arthropathy on x-ray (27). Synovial apatite deposits are also seen in some renal dialysis patients and in scleroderma or other connective tissue diseases (3,20) embedded in the matrix or in phagocytic vacuoles. Apatite crystals are often present in synovial fluid rice bodies which are presumably most often fragments of synovium in rheumatoid arthritis (30). Materials associated with apatite deposits have received little study. Granular protein-like material is often present and can include immunoglobulins and complement (3,31) (Fig. 12) . Tendons with deposits of apatite often have hypovascular areas that are hematoxyphilic (32). As in synovium there may also be adjacent chondrometaplasia (32).


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