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Migrating to Contribute: The Process

Here are the steps involved in migrating your site over to Adobe Contribute:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the roles and permissions you will need, the workflow you envison, any technical issues that need to be addressed prior to implementation, and the approximate time line for completion
  • The development of Dreamweaver templates (performed by PMACS)
  • The creation of Contribute role(s) and the Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) account(s) you will need to access the site (performed by PMACS)
  • Training/practice in Contribute, including the installation of Contribute* and the completion of mandatory training, arranged by PMACS
  • A test period when the site is set up in Contribute but edits are not yet propagated to your live site
  • Implementation when we schedule your changes in Contribute to be propagated to the live site on either an hourly or daily basis (your choice)

* Please consult your LSP for any software installation.