Meeting Description

Aging and Sleep is an international virtual conference dedicated to sleep medicine research in older adults. Since 2010, the Aging and Sleep international conferences have been held every two/three years in Europe with up to 400 delegates participating from 20 countries.  Participants include physicians, research investigators, trainees, sleep technicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, as well as policy makers and media.

This year, the Aging and Sleep conference will be held virtually. The conference will be held online on November 9-12, 2020. 

The conference aims to offer you a diverse and high-quality scientific program with contribution from world renowned physicians and researchers in the fields of geriatrics, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep disorders, pulmonary medicine cardiology, psychiatry and neurosciences. We look forward to meeting our colleagues from all over the world online, sharing scientific knowledge, forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones. 


Attendance at Aging and Sleep 2020 should give participants a broad understanding of the current state-of-the-art of geriatric sleep medicine, including current clinical practices used when investigating and treating sleep disorders in older adults; Alzheimer's disease; areas of controversy in clinical practice; recent basic science research; and ethical, social and economic issues relevant to geriatric sleep medicine.

This meeting is recommended for geriatricians, gerontologists, sleep medicine specialists, respiratory medicine physicians, neurologists, primary care physicians, internal medicine specialists, anaesthesiologists, epidemiologists, trainees and allied health care providers as well as researchers with an interest in the elderly. Health managers, policy-makers and health journalists are also welcome.