Dorothee Herlyn, DVM.

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Contact information
The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-3962
University of Munich, Germany , 1970.
D.Sc. (Physiology)
University of Munich, Germany , 1975.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests

Cancer immunotherapy

Research Summary

Our laboratory is developing cancer vaccines that are being evaluated in animal models for their protective activity against tumors before they are administered to cancer patients. The vaccines are composed of antibodies mimicking tumor antigens (anti-idiotypic antibodies) or the antigens expressed in viruses (recombinant adeno- or vaccinia-viruses) and are selected based on their high probability of inducing both humoral and cellular immune responses in patients. The animal models we have developed for preclinical evaluation of the vaccines closely mimic the condition in cancer patients. In other studies which have reached clinical trials, we are evaluating the vaccinated patients' immune responses to their tumors.

Selected Publications

Somasudaram, R., Jacob, L., Swoboda, R., Caputo, L., Song, H., Basak, S., Monos, D., Peritt, D., Marincola, F., Cai, D., Birebent, B., Bloome, E., Mastrangelo, M., and Herlyn, D. : Inhibition of cytolytic T lymphocyte proliferation by autologous CD4+/CD25+ regulatory T cells in a colorectal carcinoma patient is mediated by transforming growth factor-b1. Cancer Res. 62: 5267-72, 2002.

Li, J., Pereira, S., VanBelle, P., Tsui, P., Elder, D., Speicher, D., Deen, K., Linnenbach, A., Somasundaram, R., Swoboda, R., and Herlyn, D. : Isolation of the melanoma-associated antigen p23 using antibody phage display. J. Immunol. 166: 432-438, 2001.

Staib, L., Birebent, B., Somasundaram, R., Purev, E., Braumüller, H., Leeser, C., Küttner, N., Li, W., Zhu, D., Wunner, W., Speicher, D., Beger, H-G., Song, H., Diao, J., and Herlyn, D. : Immunogenicity of recombinant GA733-2E antigen (CO17-1A, EGP, KS1-4, KSA, Ep-CAM) in gastrointestinal carcinoma patients. Int. J. Cancer 92: 79-87, 2001.

Guerry, D., and Herlyn, D. : CD4+, HLA class I-restricted, cytolytic T-lymphocyte clone against primary malignant melanoma cells. Int. J. Cancer 85: 253-259, 2000.

Basak, S., Eck, S., Gutzmer, R., Smith, A.J., Birebent, B., Purev, E., Staib, L., Somasundaram, R., Zaloudik, J., Li, W., Jacob, L., Mitchell, E., Speicher, D., and Herlyn, D. : Colorectal cancer vaccines: anti-idiotypic antibody, recombinant protein, and viral vector. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 910: 237-253, 2000.

Li, W., Berencsi, K., Basak, S., Somasundaram, R., Ricciardi, R.P., Gonczol, E., Zaloudik, J., Linnenbach, A., Maruyama, H., Miniou, P., and Herlyn, D. : Human colorectal cancer (CRC) antigen CO17-1A/GA733 encoded by recombinant adenovirus inhibits growth of established CRC cells in mice. J. Immunol 159: 763-769, 1997.

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