Christopher S. Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

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Contact information
Tissue Microfabrication Laboratory
Center for Engineering Cells and Regeneration
Department of Bioengineering
University of Pennsylvania
510 Skirkanich Hall
210 S. 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-1754
Fax: 215-746-1752
AB (Biochemistry)
Harvard College, 1990.
MS (Mechanical Engineering)
MIT, 1993.
PhD (Mechanical Engineering and Medical Physics)
MIT, 1997.
Harvard, 1999.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests:

Regulation of angiogenesis, cancer growth, and stem cell differentiation by adhesive and medical cues; mechanochemical signal transduction; cadherin and integrin signaling; Rho GTPases and cytoskeletal processes; and cell and tissue engineering.


Angiogenesis, Stem Cells, Vascular Biology, Mechanotransduction, Extracellular Matrix, Integrins, Cadherins, Cell Adhesion, Cytoskeleton, Rho

Rotation Projects:

Please contact me to discuss any interest in rotations.

Lab Personnel:

Jan Baranski
Brandon Blakely
Thomas Boudou, PhD
Mark Breckenridge, PhD
Ritu Chaturvedi
Colin Choi, PhD
Daniel Cohen, PhD
Ravi Desai
Jeroen Eyckmans, PhD
Lin Gao, PhD
Wesley Legant
Jennifer Leight
Grace Lin
Michelle Lynch
Jordan Miller, PhD
Duc-Huy Nguyen
Esteban Toro, PhD
Michele Wozniak, PhD
Kexiang Xu
Michael Yang
Xiang Yu, PhD

Selected Publications

Liu, Z., Tan, J.L., Cohen, D.M., Yang, M.T., Sniadecki, N.J., Ruiz, S.A., Nelson, C.M., Chen, C.S. : Mechanical Tugging Force Regulates the Size of Cell-Cell Junctions. Proc Nat Acad Sci. 107(22): 9944-9949, 2010.

Desai, R.A., Gao, L., Raghavan, S., Liu, W.F., Chen, C.S.: Cell polarity triggered by cell-cell contact via E-cadherin. Journal of Cell Science 122: 905-911, 2009.

Legant W.R., Pathak A., Yang M.T., Deshpande V.S., McMeeking R.M., Chen, C.S. : Microfabricated tissue gauges to measure and manipulate forces from 3D microtissues. Proc Nat Acad Sci 106: 10097-10102, 2009.

Chen, C.S.: Mechanotransduction - a field pulling together? Journal of Cell Science 121: 3285-3292, 2008.

Alom Ruiz, S., Chen, C.S.: Emergence of Patterned Stem Cell Differentiation within Multicellular Structures. Stem Cells 26(11): 2921-2927, 2008.

Gómez-Sjöberg, R., Leyrat, A.A., Pirone, D.M., Chen, C.S., Quake, S.R.: Versatile, Fully Automated, Microfluidic Cell Culture System Anal Chem 79: 8557-8563, 2007.

Liu, W.F., Nelson, C.M., Tan, J.L., Chen, C.S.: Cadherins, RhoA, and Rac1 are differentially required for stretch-mediated proliferation in endothelial versus smooth muscle cells. Circ Res 101( ): e44-e52, 2007.

Sniadecki, N.J., Anguelouch, A., Yang, M.T., Lamb, C.M., Liu, Z., Kirschner, S.B., Liu, Y., Reich, D.H., Chen, C.S.: Magnetic microposts as an approach to apply forces to living cells. Proc Nat Acad Sci 104: 14553-14558, 2007.

Liu, W.F., Nelson, C.M., Pirone, D.M., Chen, C.S.: E-cadherin Engagement Stimulates Proliferation Via Rac1. Journal Cell Biology 173 (3): 431-441, 2006.

Pirone, D.M., Liu, W.F., Gao, L., Raghavan, S., Lemmon, C.A., Romer, L.H., Chen, C.S.: An Inhibitory Role for FAK in Regulating Proliferation: a Link Between Limited Adhesion and RhoA-ROCK Signaling. Journal Cell Biology 174 (2): 277-288, 2006.

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