Raymond Edward Soccio, MD, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Smilow Center for Translational Research, Rm 12-112
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 370-0515
Fax: (215) 898-5408
Lab: (215) 573-4576
BA (Biochemical Sciences, summa cum laude)
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1997.
PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
Rockefeller University, New York, NY, 2004.
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY, 2005.
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Description of Research Expertise

Nuclear Receptors, Genetics of Gene Regulation, Lipid Metabolism

Selected Publications

Angela H Weller, Kiara Benson, Arya Nakhe, Ioana Soatia, Yachen Shen , Raymond E Soccio: The Role of PPARα in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. FASEB meeting "Fundamental Biology and Pathophysiology of the Liver", Scottsdale, AZ June 2018.

Soccio Raymond E, Li Zhenghui, Chen Eric R, Foong Yee Hoon, Benson Kiara K, Dispirito Joanna R, Mullican Shannon E, Emmett Matthew J, Briggs Erika R, Peed Lindsey C, Dzeng Richard K, Medina Carlos J, Jolivert Jennifer F, Kissig Megan, Rajapurkar Satyajit R, Damle Manashree, Lim Hee-Woong, Won Kyoung-Jae, Seale Patrick, Steger David J, Lazar Mitchell A: Targeting PPARγ in the epigenome rescues genetic metabolic defects in mice. The Journal of clinical investigation 127(4): 1451-1462, Apr 2017.

Luo Xin, Ryu Keun Woo, Kim Dae-Seok, Nandu Tulip, Medina Carlos J, Gupte Rebecca, Gibson Bryan A, Soccio Raymond E, Yu Yonghao, Gupta Rana K, Kraus W Lee: PARP-1 Controls the Adipogenic Transcriptional Program by PARylating C/EBPβ and Modulating Its Transcriptional Activity. Molecular cell 65(2): 260-271, Jan 2017.

Soccio RE: High fat diet induced remodeling of PPARg binding sites in mouse visceral white adipose tissue. Keystone Meeting on Nuclear Receptors, Snowbird, Utah Jan 2016 Notes: Poster presentation.

Soccio Raymond E, Chen Eric R, Rajapurkar Satyajit R, Safabakhsh Pegah, Marinis Jill M, Dispirito Joanna R, Emmett Matthew J, Briggs Erika R, Fang Bin, Everett Logan J, Lim Hee-Woong, Won Kyoung-Jae, Steger David J, Wu Ying, Civelek Mete, Voight Benjamin F, Lazar Mitchell A: Genetic Variation Determines PPARγ Function and Anti-diabetic Drug Response In Vivo. Cell 162(1): 33-44, Jul 2015.

Zhang Yuxiang, Fang Bin, Emmett Matthew J, Damle Manashree, Sun Zheng, Feng Dan, Armour Sean M, Remsberg Jarrett R, Jager Jennifer, Soccio Raymond E, Steger David J, Lazar Mitchell A: GENE REGULATION. Discrete functions of nuclear receptor Rev-erbα couple metabolism to the clock. Science 348(6242): 1488-92, Jun 2015.

Soccio Raymond E, Chen Eric R, Lazar Mitchell A: Thiazolidinediones and the promise of insulin sensitization in type 2 diabetes. Cell metabolism 20(4): 573-91, Oct 2014.

Tian Lifeng, Wang Chenguang, Hagen Fred K, Gormley Michael, Addya Sankar, Soccio Raymond, Casimiro Mathew C, Zhou Jie, Powell Michael J, Xu Ping, Deng Haiteng, Sauve Anthony A, Pestell Richard G: Acetylation-defective mutant of Pparγ is associated with decreased lipid synthesis in breast cancer cells. Oncotarget 5(17): 7303-15, Sep 2014.

Soccio RE: Chapter 7: The StarD4 subfamily: StarD4 and StarD5 in cholesterol metabolism. Cholesterol Transporters of the START Domain Protein Family in Health and Disease. Clark BJ and Stocco DM (eds.). Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2014.

Soccio RE: Allelic Imbalance in PPARγ binding sites and gene expression in human adipocytes. 2012 Keystone Meeting on Nuclear Receptors, Whistler, British Columbia 2012 Notes: poster.

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